29 Fun Things to do in Yeppoon

There are tonnes of fun things to do in Yeppoon Queensland.

The coastal town in Queensland dates back to 1865 and is famous for beaches, islands and its beautiful topical weather.

The town is located only 25 minutes from the large and heavily frequented town of Rockhampton and 700 kilometers north of the state capital, Brisbane.

While it is not well known on the international spectrum, the beautiful shallow beaches and natural coves are becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination for both domestic tourists and miners settling in central Queensland.

In the town of Yeppoon there are 27 nearby islands to visit during your trip including Great Keppel Island which is only 30 minutes by boat.

Traveling in Queensland? You might also like to check out the lesser known towns of:

Yeppoon. Great Keppel Island glass bottom coral viewing boat

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Things to do in Yeppoon

Sail Capricornia

One of the best things to do in Yeppoon is to Sail Capricornia. it is an amazing catamaran on the islands of Keppel Bay which is owned by two locals.

This sailing experience take you to another world of fun. Whether you want to go fishing, swimming or snorkeling, it is one of the most enjoyable experiences.

In our opinion, the best time to sail is in the afternoon during sunset, enjoy the yummy lunch and breathtaking sunset. At this time, the weather is pleasant and you will enjoy a cool breeze.

If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of a dolphin while you are there.


One of the most unmissable activities in Yeppoon is the ANZAC Walk. It is consistently rated as one of the best ANZAC Walk memorials in Australia.

Even if you are not from Australia, it is definitely worth checking out as it provides a fantastic view of the coastline and beaches nearby,

For those unaware, the memorial is in recognition of those who sacrificed their lives in wartime for the safety of public. You can find more information about the ANZACs (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) on the way. The walk helps Australians to remember those who lost their lives fighting for freedom.

Ferns Hideaway

Ferns is a cool place to visit at night in Yeppoon.

Ferns Hideaway is technically a resort but you can visit their restaurant even if you are not staying at the resort for a lively atmosphere that will make you fall in love with Yeppoon even more.

On weekends, the restaurant offers lunch, but the reason we suggest visiting in later afternoon/early evening is due to its famous live music.

The combination of delicious food and so good ambiance is the beauty of this place. The hospitality is up to the mark with quick services.

Flour’s Breakfast

Looking for a great brekky joint in Yeppoon? Flour’s Breakfast will really hit the spot.

It is known for its great coffee, tasty food and brilliant service. Try anything on the menu – you won’t be disappointed.

The pumpkin fritters, smashed potatoes and creamy hollandaise are fan favourites amoung customers. Cake lovers will love the fact that there is a whole cabinet with mouth-watering cakes. too

Street Art

Street Art is serious business in Yeppoon.

If you are having a bad day the DIY street-art in Yeppoon will be sure to brighten your mood.

It doesn’t take much to find amazing artwork in Yeppoon. To get you started, here are a few good places:

  • Emu Park
  • Two Sisters Coffee Bar
  • Yeppoon Lagoon and Skate Park
  • Queen Street Car Park
  • Livingstone Library

Waterline Restaurant

Yeppoon has some seriously good places to dine and Waterline restaurant is definitely one of those!

Not only famous for its delicious food, the restaurant has an awesome atmosphere and live music.

Being a waterfront location in Queensland, the speciality of this place is its seafood which is absolutely delicious.

Kayak at Waterpark

One of the best activities to do in the area is to go kayaking.

Many people like to spend the night at Byfield cabins so they can set off early morning and catch the sunrise.

Cooberrie Park

Animal lovers will rejoice at the opportunity to spend time at Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary.

Only 15 minutes from the center of Yeppoon, this is a great place to go if you are traveling to Yeppoon by car.

Although it is a zoo, the Cooberrie Park do a great job to keep the wildlife happy and safe. Most of the animals at the centre were rescued from bad situations and have a bright life ahead at the centre.

If you want the chance to see a koala in Queensland this is also a great place to go – the Cooberrie Park gives you the rare opportunity to play with Koalas and cuddle them.

Reptile lovers will also love this place as you get the chance to hold the crocodiles, lizards and snakes. You also get the chance to interact with the monkeys and feed kangaroos at the centre.

Capricorn Caves

Capricorn Caves is the best place to go for history lovers in Yeppoon.

The place provides a lot of information about the history of the ancient world, taking you back millions of years in time.

Don’t be misjudged by the outside look of the caves, it’s a totally different world inside.

The cave has interesting passages teaching about the coral reefs and the forest that existed at the same place many many years ago. The cave is a great learning experience for old and young alike.

Coastal Funk

Coastal Funk is a pretty local boutique that attracts many tourists.

It has colorful home wares for the decoration of your homes and beautiful funky clothes.

The delicious smelling scented candles are a must buy.

The things for home décor are in different shapes, textures, colors and size. if you love home made soaps, bath salts and soy candles, you will love the place.

Chapter coffee shop

Chapter is the favorite place of coffee lovers. It is a small place but have amazing coffees that can lighten up the mornings.

The warm lights and comfortable sitting make the ambiance quite welcoming. You can also grab one while your way to the beach.

Nob Creek Pottery

The potters, Sue McBurnie and Steve Bisphoric run the Nob Creek Pottery house which was established in 1979.

It is the only one that is known for selling the artwork exclusively made in Australia.

The pottery house displays artistic range of pottery, incredible artwork, jewelry and so much more.

The unique thing you would find here is wood firing. In it, the ceramic pieces are produced using a kiln for firing process and wood do the work of fuel.

The kiln used was constructed around 15 years ago. You can also learn pottery if it is a passion for you and get appreciable remarks for it later on.

Lure Living

Lure Living offers not only the fresh coffee but also the treats on the counters. If you have free time, you can sit there and meet some welcoming locals with their four-legged animals.

Keppel Island

One of the most beautiful islands in Australia is only a hop, skip and a jump from Yeppoon.

It is a secluded place with lots of amazing deserted beaches to enjoy.

If you wish to visit the island, it is accessible by ferry from Yeppoon.

The island offers many water activities such as jet skis, paddle boarding, snorkeling, wakeboarding, tubing and many more. You can also swim in the water or have a relaxing sun bath.

While on the island, you must visit Keppel Bay Sailing Club and have lunch there. Grab a drink there and sit back for some time, it is a cozy place providing so much comfort and yummy food. The sailing club is also known for its quantity at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to try the sea food.


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Keppel bay Sailing Club

As mentioned above, if you head to Keppel Island we would highly recommend stopping in at the sailing club which offers a beautiful view of the beach.

The place is full of fun and entertainment with the refreshing feel of being at the coast.

You can enjoy the sunset and sailing at the same time while enjoying the view of the island.

It is located on the main beach of Yeppoon. Even if you visit during a windy time when you don’t want to go sailing, you will want to visit the club for great food and the air-conditioned facilities.


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The Beautiful coastline & Ship Wreck Point

Along the coastline of Yeppoon, there is a lot of beautiful coastline to enjoy.

One of the best places to go is Ship Wreck Point whose view across the sea of Keppel Island and Keppel Bay are spectacular.

At the same place the 62-ton transport Selina was founded in 1848. The ship is a place for every age group. It is a fun part for the kids while the adults can enjoy the beautiful sight.

Whisk’s breakfast

You must start your day by having breakfast at Whisk.

You cant go wrong with anything from the menu and the coffee is superb. Oh, and you can expect nothing but great hospitality here.

Yeppoon Lagoon

Yeppoon Lagoon is the latest attraction in Yeppoon which is proving very popular with visitors to the coastal town.

It is a 2500 square meters long lagoon with palm trees on one side and the ocean on the other. Included at the lagoon are a play area for kids and a beautiful garden area to sit.

Don’t miss the onsite restaurant as the food is very delicious.

The pool area is shared with kids and adults but the lagoon also has a separate pool area for kids which is completely supervised by the lifeguards.

It is a worth visiting place. You can also pass the time at the deck and wait for the whales passing by the beach.

Kershaw Gardens

If you are traveling back to Rockhampton, don’t miss at stop at Kershaw garden. The whole stretch of the park goes along the Bruce highway.

The cyclone that came in 2015, named as Marcia completely destroyed the garden. It took around $16 million dollars to recreate the beauty of the place and making it worth-visiting again. It got rebuilt in August 2018.

The place is great if you are visiting with your family and friends.

Wyatt Wonder Web

Wyatt Wonder Web is another innovation that was designed originally in the Central Park of New York. The fun-levels here are divided into five levels such as tunnels, slides, rope climbing, swinging hammock and ladders.

There is a watercourse of 200mm that is same as the Fitzroy river. You would have great fun here while paddling. The fun part would not end soon as there are waterfalls, trails to walk, flying fox of a 30m and a beautiful garden.

They offer so many facilities as well such as barbeque meals for free, free Wi-Fi and the camping free of cost. It is clean place with lively nature and scenic beauties.

Sunrise and sunset

You should not miss two things in Yeppoon, the sunrise and the sunset as they are absolutely unbeatable.

The whole sky turns pink and reflects different shades at different times like orange and yellow. After that you would be astonished to see the dusk when there is green, blue and dusty pink color in the sky during sunset.

You can plan the outings accordingly so that you get to see these two magical sights at Yeppoon.

Vue Bar and Restaurant

This Bar is famous for its wines and amazing dinner. Not only the food, but the view is also stunning.

The sitting is in the front of the ocean and you can enjoy your meal with pleasant ocean breezes.

The menu itself is appetising, they have different menu for wines and the services are really good. Enjoy the delicious dessert afterwards.

Kemp beach

Kemp Beach good for photographs and enjoying some time in peace.

It has very low tides, you can easily spend couple of hours walking on the sandy stretch and clicking the pictures of the beautiful view.

The water is so clear that it forms a glassy reflection of the sky above it.

At its southern end, you would find a track known as Bluff Point Track. It is a walking track and if you continue walking on this track, then at a distance of around 700 meters, you can see the turtles popping out of the sea and walking on the land.

Capricorn Scenic Loop

One of the best things to do in the area of Yeppoon is the Capricorn Scenic Loop.

Along the loop you can Singing Ship there. The Singing Ship is a sculpture that is made in the honor of Captain James Cook, who explored the coastline.

You can continue the visit by heading towards south to the South Sea Islander Museum. It is the museum displaying the photographs of the people who lived in Kanaka. It depicts the history of sugarcane days when the Kanakas were slaves.

Golf Course at Yeppoon

One of the most popular thing to do for golf enthusiasts is to visit the Golf Course at Yeppoon.

It is a course consisting total of 18 holes. The length is around 5766 meters for the men and 5171 meters long. The estimated area is 40 hectares.

There are around 27 bunkers and 6 are strategically placed in between the ways. There is water in potential for five holes.

Freedom Fast Cats

If you want to do a boat ride of the area then Freedom Fast Cats

The specialty of Freedom Fast cats is cruising the Keppel. One of the best parts of this boat is the glass bottom where you can observe underwater marine life closely.

You can plan a full day tour and snorkel in the sea.

Rosslyn Bay

Rosslyn Bay is a nice drive to take from Yeppoon, located at the south of Capricorn Coast.

It is protected by the huge volcanic outcrop at its front. This volcano sheltering the Rosslyn Bay was formed seventy million years ago. It is very fascinating to see such a geological formation in the area.

You can have a walk at the place and have the view of the magnificent views of the nature. You would love the sight of Keppel Island and the coastline surrounding nearby.

If you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of the 33,000 whales that travel the East coast of Australia each each. Locals often see the whales from their windows.

Yeppoon Shopping centre

If you love shopping, don’t miss a chance to go to the Yeppoon shopping centre –  the best place to shop in the area.

The shopping centre is open seven days so you can get the things you need at your convenience.

The shopping centre has variety of shops selling fashionable clothes from different brands, food and other services. The parking is also very easily accessible.

There is also a food court at the shopping centre with a good selection of fast food to enjoy.

Koorana crocodile farm

If you want to see crocodiles in Australia, then this is a great choice.

The farm is open in 1981 by farm owners, Lillian Lever and John and is considered to be the only place officially known exclusively for crocodiles in the whole Queensland.

The owners captured crocodiles that were proven to be danger to people and rehomed them in a farm.

Nirum Circuit Boardwalk

One of the best side trip from Yepoon is the Nirum Circuit Boardwalk.

The Elevated circuit boardwalk has opened recently. The total cost spent in its creation is $750000 as it is located at the top of the peak of the mountain.

You can carry along the bearings from the region and enjoy the breathtaking views of the town and the river Fitzroy where the snakes are crawling.

If you are lucky enough to arrive there before sunset, then you can have the golden view of the majestic river with the shadow of the sun setting.

Boathouse at Rockhampton

If you find yourself back in Rockhampton, the boathouse is a lovely place to go for a bite to eat.

The best part about the Boathouse is its great location with its deck overlooking the river.

During the day the best things to order are a light meal like the local fish and chips and coffee.

In the night, you can enjoy a lavish dinner as it becomes a full scale restaurant for dining. Their wine is also very famous in the area so don’t forget to try some.

The architecture of the place is made with the inspiration of Queensland. There is a roof that also provides shade in extreme sun in the open corridor.


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