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Best Custom Home Builders In Melbourne

Best Custom Home Builders In Melbourne

Looking for the best custom home builders in Melbourne?

Look no further, if you are looking to get a custom home built this year, we break down the best of the best of custom home builders in this epic article.

We fully get that this is a big investment in one’s life and is not as simple as buying a new dress – so a lot of careful research needs to go into who is going to build your home. If you are going to go through the heartache of building your own home with all the setbacks that come with it (extra $$ for a driveway for instance) you are going to also want a home that is made just the exact way you desire it with all the bells and whistles you wishes for – of course, ideally without the extra price tag!

The great news about building a home is that you are investing in land. Land is a finite resource, especially in popular areas of Australia like Melbourne and therefore will only serve to increase more and more over time! Plus buying a home is well part of the Australian lifestyle and dream so if you decide you would like to be an Australian – you will simply need your own home eventually.

In saying this, they say that houses double in price every 7 years – and that is quite a substantial amount of time to live in a house so you really gotta make sure you absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this property! For that reason, it is very important to get the custom home builders in Melbourne RIGHT – you really want to make sure you are going with the right bunch of people from the very beginning!

The difference between the right and wrong builders can mean the difference between an easy and a very hard build later down the road. Think who is going to help you and make the process easy. For example, if there is a delay or materials are not readily available, you want to be confident that the builders you select will help you. That they won’t just take your money and run so to speak.

So with no further adieu, here are the best custom home builders in Melbourne!


Address: Burbank House Level 1 100 Franklin St, Melbourne

Phone Number: 13 2872


Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie – one of the oldest and most well respected custom home Builders in the Melbourne area is Burbank which was first established in 1983 as a local family run business.

Now, they are considered one of the leaders of home building in Melbourne with lots of awards. If you are looking to build a luxury home in Melbourne, these guys might be a good choice as they also construct luxury resorts so they know how to finish things very beautifully.

Burbank are also very good at knockdown rebuild style homes.

Hotondo Homes


Phone: 1800 677 156

Address: Moorabbin, Victoria

As a well known custom builder in Melbourne, being in business over 45 years and a platinum member of the master builders association, Hotondo Homes are always a top choice for residents of Melbourne looking to build a new home.

If you are looking for a company that is well versed in what they do, you will be more than happy going with Hotondo Homes for your new build. Another nice aspect of this company is they are family owned and operated, meaning clients are more than just a number to this company which is always nice. You are made to feel like you are important by this company with more than just a “sales pitch and run” type attitude.

This company does a wide variety of homes but specialises in a more contemporary look.

Disclaimer: Don’t visit their website if you are a dog fan as they mascot is really cute!

Custom Home Builders In Melbourne

Silk Homes

Phone Number: (03) 9367 5184


If you want something a little more specialised and unique than a “run of the mill” style home, you will want to go with Silk Homes in Melbourne. This company is well known for its fine finishes and amazing luxury craftsmanship with skills second to none!

Despite the fact that Silk are considered a boutique custom home builders in Melbourne, it does not mean they do not have an impressive resume with builds going all the way back to 1989. This is a builder you would use if you really want to be the envy of your friends and have serious bragging rights as they have been featured numerous times in house magazine as well as had the privilege to work with architect Garry Catt.

You can go wrong with these guys who are a member of the Master Builders Association, the HIA and registered with the Australian Building Authority.

Roseleigh Homes


Phone Number: (03) 5622 6777

Address: 120 Copelands Rd Warragul, Victoria

If you want a seriously beautiful home and have a little more to spend on it, you can’t go past Roseleigh Homes. This company specialise in boutique home builds which are exactly to your specifications and likings – they are no cookie cutter homes made by this company.

If you have ever heard of the saying, you get what you pay for – Roseleigh Homes springs to mind. Good quality shows as they have won the MBAV SE Winner Best Custom Home award four years in a row.


Kube Constructions

Address: 43 Kerferd Street, Malvern East VIC 3145

Phone Number: (03) 7016 8292


If you want the best of the best in luxury custom builders in Melbourne, you can’t go past Kube. This company is really only for people who want something snazzy and designer as they normally handle builds over $400,000.

Another clear example of “you get what you pay for” this luxury home builder has won deisgn awards on for five consecutive years. They are also well known for their superior customer service.


Address: Level 4, 108 Power Street Hawthorn, Vic 3122

Phone Number: 131 878


Even if you are a first home buyer in Melbourne you will probably recognise AVJennings – they have been around for years and have been doing stellar marketing since 1931. They are basically the Colgate of the building industry – you can’t go wrong with this company.

AVJennings specialise in all different types of homes so buyers of all budgets should investigate with this company.

AGN builders

Address: 24 Davie Avenue, Cheltenham Victoria 3192

Phone Number: 1300 880 555


Another company with a lot of experience and certainly one that you should investigate with is none other than AGN builders. With over 50+ years in the building industry you know you are in seriously safe hands with this company.

If you don’t just want a home made from scratch what is nice about this company is that they will also do home additions, home restorations and renovations so you could always add an extra room or stuff later to your home and use the same builders – a big win here!

First Avenue Homes – Private Builders in Melbourne

Address: 2/229 Bay Street, Brighton Victoria 3186

Phone Number: (03) 9596 8536


One of the best parts of this company are how seriously awesome they are at dealing with their customers – pretty much everyone who has ever gone with this company has given them a stellar review afterwards and that’s really what you want to hear when selecting a company to invest so much of your hard earned coin with.

Their homes are also seriously gorgeous and made to top notch standards. Definitely worthwhile checking out! They work with multi-occupancy redevelopments, custom extensions, and knockdown rebuilds.

More Custom Home Builders In Melbourne Options

If these above were not quite what you were looking for, we have included some more options for you to check out:

Selecting The Right Custom Homebuilder

When choosing to do a custom home build it can be so hard to know who to pick. In our opinion, it really comes down to your wants and needs. In choosing the perfect home builder you really have to consider what are the most important things to you. Some things you might like to weigh up include:

  • The style of the homes they have previously built (is this the style you like and are after. Sure, a company can male another design but you are always better to go with a company who has previously constructed something similar to what you are after – if possible)
  • The cost – If you are working on a budget, we would highly recommend doing a call around of the numbers we have provided above to get a quote. That way you can weigh up who to go with based on price as one of your factors
  • Talk to the builders – With any purchase, you are always better to go with people you have chatted to and have a good feel for. If you think you can work with a person and you are on the same page, 9 times out of 10 you will end up with a better finished product.

It is always important to research, research and do some more research! You will always be able to get a better, more informed opinion, the more research you do.

BEWARE OF HIDDEN COSTS – One negative thing with getting a custom build done is hidden costs which may be not evident right now but you’ll pay in blood later down the road. Ask whether absolutely everything you need is included. One way builders can “get you” is on finishes. What is included in your quote – is it top of the line finishes or is it really basic taps etc you don’t want and will only cost you more later!



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