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20+ Best Breakfast Melbourne CBD + Brunch Places!

20+ Best Breakfast Melbourne CBD + Brunch Places!

If you are looking for the best breakfast in Melbourne CBD or the best brunch in Melbourne CBD you simply can’t miss these 20+ incredible and totally unique cafes to break fast at. Many of these cafes are laptop friendly so you can even get some work done while you are there (if you wish that is!)

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for some of us it is even more of an enjoyable outing to do with friends or on a date than dinner – as many people say breakfast is becoming the new dinner!!

With a very wide variety of funky cute cafes in Melbourne which are totally instagrammable, there is never a shortage of fun and interesting cafes for breakfast in Melbourne so you’ll seriously never have to visit the same cafe twice (unless you want to because some of these deserve about 100+ visits let me tell you!)

Why Melbourne is also a great spot for breakfast is the best coffee in Australia is most likely found in Melbourne. That is because many Italian and European settlers chose Melbourne as their new home and brought their amazing coffee and baking skills with them so thanks to them we don’t even need an expensive flight to Europe for good coffee!

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20 Best Breakfasts in Melbourne CBD

Krimper Cafe

Located down one of Melbourne’s iconic laneways (which are worth checking out in their own right – maybe as a fun Melbourne date idea?) is Krimper Cafe, one of the best breakfast spots in Melbourne CBD.

Thought by many as one of Melbourne’s best hidden gems, it is afterall kinda hard to find, it is definitely worth a visit. If you are into seriously good coffee where the barista’s know really how to hit the spot and fresh breakfast options suitable for the whole family, you really can’t go wrong with this bustling Melbourne cafe located in the heart of Melbs.

Hash Specialty Coffee

If you are looking for a very unique breakfast spot in Melbourne with incredible coffee and food to match – don’t miss Hash Speciality.

What I like about this place is their food is not just stock standard eggs on toast but they have gone the extra mile to make dining a unique and interesting experience. While they have classic Aussie favorites such as smashed avo on toast they also have very unique items on the menu such as fairy floss coffee and duck waffles – a must try in Melbourne.

White Mojo

Why have one breakfast when you can have TWO?! If you are still hungry after you have visited Hash, you can make a visit to White Mojo as it is located right next door.

We love this place as it is another one of Melbourne’s cafes which have gone above and beyond to make dining a really interesting experience. Try the Avo on Toast – it is seriously a party in your mouth. Oh, and the coffee is pretty good too. If you are lucky the barista will hand craft you an epic design for the ‘gram.

Higher Ground

Talk. about. hipster cafes in Melbourne – if you are a hipster – Higher Ground is the place to go. It is certainly one of the most trendy breakfast spots in Melbourne.

Built in a reconstructed warehouse with plants galore, this breakfast spot does not just have pizazz but a menu to match. While you can dine at Higher Ground all day, it is definitely a must-visit for an early morning snack as they make incredible coffee. Tip: The cheese scones are particular delish.

While you are there for brekky you may want to note down the happy hour of the day as they are known for offering wicked specials, depending on the day.

Manchester Press

Here’s another hidden gem in Melbourne for you. If you are interested in exploring more of Melbourne’s incredible laneways, we would highly recommend a trip to Manchester Press. The laneway the breakfast bar is located on is worth visiting in its own right as it is filled with interesting street art.

The interior of Manchester is designed to match its outside surroundings as it is just as creative. Oh, and if you are a fan of bagels you should definitely make a trip here and it is their total specialty. The presentation and coffee is pretty ravable too.

Kinfolk Cafe

Kinfolk Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Melbourne due to its unique vibe. Located nearby Southern Cross station, many Melbournites choose to support this business because they offer a lot of positives initiatives to the community – some of the profits of the cafe go towards helping local communities.

If you need a unique gift idea you can also purchase beautiful gift hampers with fresh produce including fresh breads, cheese and meat. If you want a nice hamper, keep in mind that hamper deliveries are made on Wednesday and Saturdays.

The Hardware Societé

If you are all about delicious and beautiful food, we highly recommend a trip to The Hardare Societe, a french style cafe located in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Don’t miss trying some of the most unique Melbourne CBD breakfast dishes including something for those who have a sweet tooth like the strawberry cheesecake (perhaps a better brunch option). Wash it all down with a hand crafted macha latte. Yummo!

30 Block Place: Kaikey’s Lane

If you are a fan of Melbourne’s cute laneways, we would highly recommend a morning breakfast at 30 Block Place, another of Melbourne’s best hidden gems and one of the best places for brunch in Melbourne.

While there a few cafes on Kaikey’s Lane, 30 Block Place is one of the best. Partly, this is due to the amazing training of the baristas that work there which make absolute unbelievable hand crafted beverages. If you aren’t a morning person you can also visit this awesome restaurant for lunch or dinner, where they serve amazing pizza.

Amble Cafe

Located on Flinder’s Lane, Amble Cafe is one of the cutest and quaintest cafes in Melbourne with some of the freshest and most delicious food in the city.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan you will also love this cafe as it has a wide range of delicious vegetarian options including beetroot hummus, quinoa, avocado, fermented carrot, grilled mushrooms and snow peas. If you love a good, tasty coffee, this is also a great place for you with some of the tastiest coffees in Melbs.

Cafe Segovia

Feel like a trip to Europe but just can’t right now? cafe Segnovia is the next best thing. Located in one of Melbourne’s best laneways, this cafe has a European vibe with insanely good Italian coffee and delicious food to match. This cafe is also a prime spot for people watching – have you ever noticed there are some seriously interesting characters in Melbourne?

Axil Coffee Roasters

If you are interested in getting a great smoothie bowl in Melbourne, Axil Coffee Roasters is a great choice with a wide range of breakfast options and seriously good coffee.

Axil is one of the most hipster breakfast spots in Melbourne with multiple locations to choose from. The cafe specialises in jaffles, an Aussie breakfast and lunch favourite. If you want an aesthetically appealing cute breakfast spot in Melbourne this is a great choice for a first date.

Cafe Andiamo

With a feeling like you have been transported straight to Paris, located in ,Melbourne’s iconic Paris laneway, Cafe Andiamo certainly is a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

While this cafe is also option for lunch and dinner, we would highly recommend a trip for breakfast where they serve a range of totally delicious options including Avo Smash, New York Bagel and BLT. If you are a people watcher, there are some seats on/near the terrance so you can observe the hustle and bustle of early morning Melbourne pass by.

Mr. Tulk Cafe

Mr. Tulk is one of Melbourne’s favourite breakfast spots as it is located in the State Library of Victoria. Serving up a range of totally delicious options, you seriously can’t go wrong dining here. If you need a healthy breakfast option, don’t miss the range of freshly squeezed juices available at Mr Tulk including Beetroot, Lemon and Carrot.

Another of the most popular breakfast items on the menu is the Bravo Avocado including Avocado on toasted sourdough with Yarra Valley feta and 2 poached eggs. A popular options with students in Melbs.

The Journal Cafe

Another of the best places to visit in Melbourne is the Journal Cafe – part of the Melbourne City Library. If you are planning a reading or study sesh in Melbourne CBD – this is a great place to go to break up the day.

The good news is that unlike many library cafes the food and coffee here is actually really good. The cafe has a pretty cool vibe too with high ceilings, suspended bookshelves and retro furniture.

Grain Store

If you appreciate good food and coffee another cute breakfast spot in Melbourne is the Grain Store located in the heart of Melbourne CBD. If you are with a large group, this is a good place to go as there is sure to be a meal choice to suite all pallets. The service is fast and friendly here too which is always a plus!

5 and Dime Bagels

Another top option in Melbourne CBD to get in your breakfast fix is 5 and Dime Bagels. As the name suggests if you are a fan of bagels you will LOVE this place – they have bagels good enough to challenge the best you can find in New York. Oh, the coffee is pretty top notch too!

The outside of the store may not be all that much to look at but damn do the bagels make up for it! A foodie not an instagrammers delight.

Chapter House Coffee

With one of the best locations, if you are near the heart of Melbourne CBD, Chapter House Coffee could not be a better choice, located nearby Federation Square. As the name suggests, this “house” specialises in a seriously good cup of coffee and boy oh boy do they do that well. You always know a good coffee shop when the Melbourne workers are lining up outside to get their fix!

Aside from coffee you will find a wide range of really delicious food here – both take away and dine in options. If you want a mouthwatering breakfast dish here, try the Buttermilk pancakes, with butterscotch sauce – thank me later.

The Fair Trader

On Exhibition Street, you will find another fabulous choice for breakfast in Melbourne – The Fair Trader – which a interior to complete with the most desirable cafes in Melbs.

The Fair Trader prides themselves of being the proud originators of Moringa Latte. They also serve up some seriously delicious other food such as healthy smoothie options and health food bowls. A great place to meet up with a friend for a good gossip sesh.

Switch Board Cafe

We just love this cute breakfast bar in Melbourne, not only because they serve up delicious coffee and seriously good food but also because it is located where the old switchboard used to be – hence the name – The Switch Board Cafe. If you want to explore the city for a day, you can get the friendly staff to whip you up a seriously good sandwich to take away or choose to dine in and soak up the atmosphere – the choice is yours!

Don’t miss the The Turmeric Latte – gold for your soul and your body!

Cuff Food + Wine

If you are looking for some really yummy food, don’t miss the Cuff Food + Wine. While this place is open for lunch and dinner too (so if you miss breakky never fear) they have some really awesome breakfast options including totally amazing Acai Bowls. Their muffins are a bit of a vibe too. All round a great place to enjoy the start of the day in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane.

Industry Beans

Whether you are only after a take away coffee or the full sit down brekky extravaganza, Industry Beans is the place for you. This coffee shop is a seriously popular spot in Melbourne CBD amoung locals.

If you love things that are pleasing to the eye, you will just love this shop. Not to mention, they do serve up a pretty wide range of yummy meals options to enjoy with your caffeinated beverage both sweet and savory. If you miss this shop in Melbourne, they also have a chain in Sydney and Brisbane too!

Cafe E Torta

Rounding off the list, let’s finish with Cafe E Torta – another cafe that will transfer you right back to Europe as it is an Italian cafe which specislises in legit Italian coffee. Due to its true authenticity, this cafe has even been featured in places such as the New York Times so it really is a “must visit” in Melbourne.

If you aren’t quite up in time for breakfast, we would recommend visiting this darling cafe for lunch as they serve up some of the best pasta in Melbourne – as good as nonna could make! Don’t miss their signature dish – slow-cooked Tagliatelle Beef Ragu, a fourth generation family recipe which will not disappoint.

Honourable Mentions:

Here are a few extras if you have more time:

  • Bowery To Williamsburg
  • Barry
  • Terror Twilight
  • Clubhouse


That’s a wrap of the 20+ of the best breakfasts in the Melbourne CBD. Due to Melbourne’s multiculturalism and total hipster vibe, there is no shortage of good places to go to break your fast. If you have a favourite that did not make the cut, please leave a comment below and if it is worthy 😉 we will consider adding it to the list – we love discovering new and interesting places in Australia for visitors and locals to enjoy!

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