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10 Best Shopping Areas in Sydney

10 Best Shopping Areas in Sydney

If you are looking for the best shopping areas in Sydney, look no further as we have you covered with 10 of the best shopping places to shop till you drop!

The good news for shopaholics is that Sydney is known for being Australia’s most popular shopping spot for shoppers from all over the working. No matter what you are looking for the central business district of Sydney and areas surrounding this are home to hundreds of cool shops including designer shops, boutique shops and department stores so you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Some areas in Sydney are good for certain products and specialise in different things. With that in mind, here are our 10 choices for the most popular shopping areas in Sydney.

The Queen Victoria building or QVB

First up is the Queen Victoria building or QVB, a stunning 19th century building right in the very heart of Sydney’s CBD. These days it is very popular with corporate Sydney dwellers who live in the city but it was once upon a time used to service a local marketplace.

The QVB is a very large shopping area in Sydney, home to a large variety (over 100) retail outlets. Inside you will find everything from high fashion to dining, art galleries and organic food stores.

One of the best parts of this shopping area is it’s location. Located in central Sydney it is accessible via walking (within the CBD) and public transport.

You can see what’s on in the QVB by checking out their website. Even if you are not into shopping this building is worth a visit for its impressive architecture.

The Queen Victoria building or QVB

Darling Harbour

One cannot visit Sydney without going for a little shop in the stunning Darling Harbour, one of the most beautiful shopping areas in Sydney with a amazing location right by the harbour.

Darling Harbour is home to the very popular Harbor side shopping center.  This shopping centre is not a Westfield, meaning there is limited big name shops but includes around 100 very unique and interesting stores including some that sell traditional Australian souvenirs.

Inside, there is also a bowling alley and lots of cool cafes and restaurants to enjoy. After shopping here, feel free to explore the rest of the area including the Australian national maritime museum and Sea life Sydney.

Westfield Sydney Tower

If you are looking for a more stock standard shopping experience, Westfield Sydney Tower is the way to go.

Westfield’s is one of the Sydney CBDs main shopping locations and particularly popular with Sydney’s youth looking for cheap date ideas in Sydney – this is a popular spot!

The tower consists of six floors with over 280 fashion food and lifestyle outlets such as Calvin Klein, Chanel, Prada and and Versace. As well as high end names, you can also find the basics in here like Myer and David Jones so you are sure to find what you are looking for.

If you are a tourist in Sydney you might like to check out the upper floors of the tower which have one of the best things to see in Sydney – the Sydney Tower Eye.

Plan your shopping experience here.


The Pitt Street Mall

If you are shopping at Westfield Sydney Tower, you might want to pop next door to The Pitt Street Mall, located right in the centre of Sydney’s bustling central business district.

Included at The Pitt Street Mall are over 600 specialty stores including boutique shops, arcades, David Jones and Myer.

This store is open daily from 9-5pm and really has everything you could need.

See more information on their website.


Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets & Market City

If you are looking for a shopping area for bargain hunting then this is the best spot for you – Paddy’s Market – a hidden gem in Sydney where you can get the best deals on quality produce.

If you are looking for cheap fresh produce and seafood then this market will have everything you need!

Tip: If you visit the lower floors of the market on an afternoon, there you will find the best deals. While produce is found on the lower floors if you are looking for a new frock you might find a vintage frock from yesteryear on the upper floors where vendors have a range of different stores including new and second hand clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs at competitive prices.

You can check out what’s on at Paddy’s Market here.

Paddy's Market.

The Rocks Market

Another of the most popular markets in Sydney is the Rocks Market. This is Sydney’s creative market which features local art and music. If you are looking for a hipster place to shop in Sydney – this is a good choice.

With over 200 stores to browse from, if you are in Sydney on a Saturday or Sunday this is a great weekend area to shop.

The wide variety of crafts and music as well as food and beverage options available at the market is seriously impressive. If you want to chill with the locals and pick up a unique gift or souvenir while you are at it, this is a great place to go.

You can check out what’s on at Rock’s Market on their website.


If you are looking for a hipster place for shopping in Sydney (running all along King Street) where everyone is accepted, look no further to Newton market. If you are looking for queer shopping spots in Sydney, this is a great place to start.

This place is so unique that it is definitely worth a trip while you are in Sydney. Here you can see lots of street art, indigenous handicrafts and interesting cafes to enjoy while you shop. You can for sure find a great souvenir or gift at Newtown.

The shops are open from 9am to late and you can reach them via Newtown Station.

Strand Arcade

One of the most popular arcades in Sydney is the Strand, located in the heart of Sydney central business district, right between George street and Pitt street mall.  This means that if you are spending a day in the Sydney CBD you can include a visit to the Strand Arcade in your itinerary.

One of the biggest draw cards of the Strand Arcade is that it is an absolutely stunning Victorian style arcade, built in the 1800’s. It is pretty significant in Sydney as it is the best preserved arcade that has been kept in its original format.

Inside you will find over 80 stores with lots of interesting products, some especially designed for indulgence including body shops, beauty shops and a particular popular chocolate shop. There are also a small number of food outlets in the arcade if you are feeling hungry after a long day shopping.

You can see more of what is located inside on their website.



If you are shopping for good restaurants and some fun souvenirs, Chinatown is a fun place to shop in Sydney. Chinatown is located in the South of the CBD, near Haymarket.

If you want a good Chinese dish, don’t hesitate to come here as the food is our of this world impressive and extends right across Goulbourn St.

One of the most popular places to shop in Chinatown is the Chinatown night market, located on Dixon street every Friday from 4:00 PM, ending late.

Glebe markets

If you are a fan of a good market another good option for markets in Sydney includes the Glebe Market, an inner city market that runs every Saturday.

Considering it is only on once a week, there is a lot of things to buy at the market with over 200 stalls. Here, they sell a range of new and second hand clothing as well as interesting art, jewellery, records and vintage items.

You don’t need to pack lunch as there is a lot of reasonably priced food at the market as well as live music to enjoy while you eat.

You can see more about Glebe Markets and what’s on here.

So that’s it folks some of the best and most popular places to go shopping in Sydney. With everything on the list from second hand markets to luxury designer stores in Sydney, you are sure to find a suitable store!

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