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Where to see wild kangaroos in Sydney: The best places near Sydney

Where to see wild kangaroos in Sydney: The best places near Sydney

Wondering where to see Kangaroos in Sydney?

You are not alone. If we know anything it is that every backpacker in Australia wants to tick one thing off their Australian bucket list and that is seeing a kangaroo jumping across fields in the outback or wild, even an outdoor backyard will do.

Do we seriously ride Sydney kangaroos to work and school? If you are asking this question you are going to be very disappointed as the answer is no. That doesn’t mean you won’t see one anywhere in Sydney but it does mean they might be a little harder to find than you expect when first coming to Australia.

Sydney is the start of many people’s Australian adventure and it can be the only place in Australia they visit (although you would totally be missing out!). If it is the only place you are visiting in the land down under, it is possible to see a kangaroo or a wallaby within a few hours drive of the Sydney CBD.

Even if you are a local, looking for kangaroos is one of the best date ideas in Sydney you can do as weekend activity.

So with no further adieu, here are some places you can see wild kangaroos near Sydney:

Australian Botanic Gardens – Camden

One of the most popular places to see wild kangaroos in Sydney is the Australian Botanic Gardens in Camden.

If you would like to reach the Botanic Gardens, it will take around a 45 minute drive from the CBD. If you have your own car there is free parking there. If you are travelling by public transport, you can get the T8 train close.

The gardens are super pretty in their own right and cover 416 hectares of land featuring a variety of Australian native plants. There are also picnic shelters, free barbecues, walking trails and an on-site restaurant at the gardens so you won’t need to bring a packed lunch if you don’t wish. The gardens holds a lot of fun events throughout the year including the AnnanROMA Food and Wine Festival.

If you are looking for kangaroos, not plants, you will find the Eastern Grey Kangaroos here. They usually retreat from the midday sun and people so it is best to come early morning or late afternoon.

Address: 362 Narellan Rd, Mount Annan NSW 2567


Pebbly Beach, Murramarang National Park

This is one of the best places to see wild kangaroos near Sydney due to the fact that they are just so plentiful in the area.

It is thought to be the home of the surfing kangaroo but you will be very lucky to actually see a surfing kangaroo. Once a photo emerged of a kangaroo in the low surf which is where the myth came from but in reality you probably won’t see this.

You will see kangaroos though, which is pretty cool. The best time of day to spot one here is late afternoon.

It is about a 3 hour drive from Sydney but well worth the trip as it is one of the prettiest beaches in NSW and therefore worthwhile to visit if you see a roo or not. It is also a great place to get some cool photos of kangaroos in the wild.

Tip: You will want to spend the night if you choose to come here. You can stay in a Pebbly Beach Shack which is a pretty cool experience. One of the best things to do in Sydney at night.

Address: Pebbly Beach Access Rd, Pebbly Beach NSW 2536

Blue Mountains (General Area)

We would highly recommend a trip to the blue mountains if you are travelling around NSW. It is only a few hours drive outside of Sydney and a truly beautiful place to see on a day trip from Sydney.

Not to mention, there are plenty of kangaroos to spot in the blue mountains which is always a plus!!

Some people on the internet suggest that the Jenolan Caves Cottages, near Jenolan caves might be a good place to see them in the blue mountains but the fact of the matter is you can see them everywhere on the trails in the blue mountains, early morning and later afternoon.

Some of the best walks in the blue mountains include:

  • The Six Foot track
  • The National Pass Walk

Address: Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

Euroka Campground, Blue Mountains

This is one of the most famous locations in the blue mountains to see kangaroos. If you are interested in visiting this town it is located outside the town of Glenworth.

The fun part is that you can stay the night and camp here. The facilities at the campground include picnic tables, barbecue facilities and toilets.

If you want to guarantee a roo spotting staying overnight is not a bad choice as the best time of day to spot them here is early in the morning. They are not afraid of humans (provided you don’t get too close) and they will come into the borders of the camp. It is very important that you don’t feed the kangaroos as it is not good for their health.

This campground is one of the most popular places to see kangaroos in Sydney as it is only a 1 hour drive away.

Address: Fern Glen Walking Track, Blue Mountains National Park NSW 2787

Caves Beach Campground, Jervis Bay

Another campground where you can see kangaroos near Sydney is the Caves Beach Campground.

Note if you wish to camp here, the camping area is 300 m from the carpark and all equipment must be carried in. The facilities in the area include fresh water public toilets, cold-water showers and a sheltered gas barbecue area.

The campground is located inside the stunning Booderee National Park so it is a well worthwhile place to visit in NSW, regardless of whether you want to see a kangaroo. It is situated around a 2 hour drive from Sydney CBD.

It is a $13 fee to enter the campground if you just want to enter to see the kangaroos.

Address: Caves Beach Rd, Jervis Bay NSW 2540


Horizons Golf Course, Port Stephens

In Port Stephans you will see kangaroos hanging around the Horizons Golf Course. If you do see kangaroos living around humans in Australia it will generally be somewhere like a golf course or a park – somewhere where they are able to lie in the shade of a tree and graze on some good grass. You will very rarely see them in built up areas in Sydney.

This golf course is located around 2 hours drive outside Sydney. It is best to stay in the Port Stephens area a few days as it is a nice area in its own right Other than see kangaroos, some other things to do in the area include:

  • Gan gan lookout
  • Stockton sand tunes
  • One mile beach

Address: Horizons Dr, Salamander Bay NSW 2317

The Hunter Valley

Another place to see kangaroos close to Sydney is in the hunter valley. There are literally everywhere so it’s not very hard at all to spot a kangaroo here. They like to come out at sunrise and sunset if you are struggling to see one. Don’t try in the middle of the day. Kangaroos aren’t partial to harsh sun and sleep during the day.

The best place to see them in the Hunter Valley area is close to the wineries. The two places people base themselves in order to see kangaroos are Lovedale and Pokolbin, with the latter being the more popular.

Due being the location of some of the best wineries in Australia, it is very popular romantic activity for couples in Sydney. It is often where sydney-siders come for a weekend getaway as it is only 2 hours away from Sydney CBD.

Some people mentioned that they had some luck at the Whispering Brook winery in Broke so you may like to try there.

Address: 120 km (75 mi) N of Sydney

Kangaroos in Canberra – Where to see them?

Canberra, the capital of Australia is pretty close to Sydney so many people choose to also visit Canberra during their stay in NSW. For that reason, we have also included the best places to see kangaroos in Canberra in this post.

Mount Ainslie

Mount Ainslie is located around a 3 hour drive from Sydney so it is definitely somewhere you would need to stay a few days if you wanted to make a trip here.

Without heading out to the outback, it is a seriously good spot to see kangaroos in Australia – there are seriously a tonne here. Due to the large amount of kangaroos, you will need to drive closely through the area to avoid not only seeing kangaroos but having them as road kill. Not only is this really sad but also is incredibly dangerous – drive safely!

Address: Mount Ainslie, Australian Capital Territory 2609

Namadji National Park

If you want more spots to see kangaroos in the ACT, the Namadji National Park is a great spot. It is not for the fainthearted as it is 4 hours drive from Sydney and definitely a place you will want to stay a few days if you make a trip here.

If you love hiking, this is a great location in Australia for not only kangaroos but great hikes. Some of the best in the area include:

  • Rendezvous Creek 2.8km
  • Mount Aggie 3km
  • Orroral Ridge-The Belfry walking Track 3.4km
  • Shannahans Mountain 3.4km
  • Yerrabi Walking Track 3.5km
  • Mount Franklin Heritage Walk 3.7km
  • Orroral Ridge-Sentinel Rocks walking Track 3.9km
  • Booroomba Rocks 4km.

Address: Namadji National Park ACT 2620

Where to see wallabies in Sydney

While not as popular as kangaroos, wallabies are another animal native to Australia. They are basically small kangaroos. They are actually a lot cuter than kangaroos so you may prefer to see a wallaby in Sydney. If so here are the best spots:

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

This is a great place to see wallabies near Sydney. What is great about this place is that it is located a 40 minute drive so you don’t even have to stay overnight if you don’t wish. You can also camp here which is always nice.

The best place to see wallabies is on one of the many walks in the area. Many people who live in Sydney choose to hike here on the weekends. Some of the best hikes include:

  • Resolute Loop Track
  • Cowan to Brooklyn Walk via Jerusalem Bay
  • West Head Lookout to Great Mackerel Beach
  • West Head Army Track
  • America Bay Track
  • Berowra to Mount Kuring-gai via Apple Tree Bay
  • Bobbin Head, Sphinx and Warrimoo Loop Track
  • Gibberagong Walking Track.

Address: Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park


Where is the best place to feed kangaroos in Sydney? You should never feed wild kangaroos in Sydney. The first reason is because it is dangerous, they are big wild animals. The second reason is because it is not healthy for them. The only place you should feed a kangaroo is in a zoo.

Is it safe to be around the kangaroos? Yes, if you keep a safe distance, it is entirely safe to be around the kangaroos. Kangaroos can get aggressive. You may have seen videos of people fighting a kangaroo. That is because they have become aggressive. Usually, they won’t get aggressive if you keep a safe distance and don’t touch them.

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