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Best Creative Writing Courses In Brisbane

Best Creative Writing Courses In Brisbane

Looking for the best creative writing courses in Brisbane?

With the world becoming more and more digitally based, creative writing is a skill that is becoming more and more in demand. It is also something you can do as a profession and also as a hobby. If you are thinking to write a book, even for your own personal development, creative writing is a skill you really will want to know.

One good thing about Brisbane is that there are a lot of creative writing courses to help develop your skills. From courses that are focused on more one-on-one learning to courses focused on a group interactive environment, you are sure to find the right course to suit your needs.

So here are the best Creative writing courses in Brisbane to help you decide which is the right course for you. Of course ir is always necessary to do your research before investing your hard earned money into any course and this list will help you do that will what the courses cost as well as what you will learn in each program.

Queensland Writers

Address: Level 2, State Library of Queensland, Queensland Cultural Centre, Stanley Pl, South Brisbane

Phone Number: (07) 3842 9922


The courses available with Queensland Writers are a fan favourite with young writers trying to improve their skill set in Brisbane. It is based in the Queensland Cultural Centre which makes it a super easy course to access with public transport from practically anywhere in Brisbane.

The great thing about this course is that you can sign up for a cheap yearly membership fee of only around $80 a year – making this a very affordable way to improve your writing for writers who are just trying to find their way in the industry and have not yet earned a lot  money in their profession to justify a more expensive course.

Queensland Writers also offers a lot of fun and interactive courses throughout the year such as the short story writing course which allows you to develop necessary skills in short stories – what is needed to take your short story from average to brilliance.

If this doesn’t suit what you are after, there are also many other courses that are offered by Queensland Writers throughout the year.

Brisbane Writers


Phone: 0432 716 735

One of the most popular creative writing courses in Brisbane is one offered by no other than Brisbane Writers.

The Brisbane Writers Workshop focuses on small group creative and business writing courses & editing for everyone. This is also a good place to go for beginners just getting into creative writing as the program caters for all skill levels from beginner to professional writers.

What else we love about this course is the course is directed by a group of experienced, qualified and published professionals – so you can feel confident that you are being taught skills by the best. The teachers who direct the course have work appearing nationally and internationally.

This group is very COVID-19 friendly and runs groups on LiveStream, Zoom in the event of a lockdown in Brisbane. There are also some free courses offered by this company so if you are low on funds and just want to start your writing this is a good place to look.

Tafe Qld Creative Writing Courses


If you are looking fora course that is a little more official and will look really good on your resume, you can’t beat the course offered by Tafe Qld.

This is only a 2 day course but it will teach you everything you need to know to be a pro in creative writing in no time! During the two days at the program you will learn everything you need to know to start a career in creative writing.

Day One covers the creative processes – how to unlock your imagination, how to develop plots and characters, how to carry out research, how to write simple expressive language, and how to edit and polish your writing.

Day Two offers practical advice on how to get your writing published – how to present manuscripts, how to work with agents, editors, publishers etc. and how to build on and celebrate your success.

This course is also well reviewed which is always good and has a number of testimonials available. Here are a few:

“The course and Richard were above and beyond all expectations” – Kathy

“Enjoyed the comradery between participants” – Karen

“Really useful course, especially how the publishing process works” – Joanna This short course is non-accredited therefore is not registered with the National Training Register.

If you find the course is a bit expensive to pay all at once, there is also handy payment plans that Tafe Qld offers to it’s students.

Australian Writers Centre


Another popular course is offered by the Australian Writers Centre. This 5-week course is directed entirely online so you don’t even need to learn the comfort of your own room to attend a course. The downside of this of course is you have to stay self-motived to complete the course.

What we love is that the Australian Writers Centre has a variety of courses on offer so you can develop your skill-set over time. The first course, which is the creative writing course costs $450, which is relatively affordable for such an in-depth writing course.

During the course you will learn to discover the secrets to writing compelling fiction, develop characters, scenes, dialogue and learn the nuts and bolts of the art of writing. If you love this and what to do more, the next course known as the “Writing Workout” is offered 6 fortnights online live with tutor.

There is also a course available at the Australian Writers Centre which assists you. to write a novel so if you have always dreamed of writing your own book but need a bit of helpful guidance, this is a great course to take.

QUT Creative Writing Degree


If you already are a good writer, or if you are a school leaver wanting to do a degree in creative writing, QUT offers a fabulous arts degree in creative writing which we would highly recommend.

QUT is a great university and so conveniently located in the Brisbane CBD it is a total winner for longer creative writing courses. This degree is 3 years full time so be prepared to be set in for the long haul if you want to take this one.

During this time, you learn some excellent skills in creative writing. The highlights of the course, stated on their website include:

  • Work creatively on writing novels, poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, memoir, and genre fiction.
  • Work towards a year-long major piece of creative writing in a form and genre of your choice, as well as engage in major transdisciplinary projects with creatives from other fields.
  • Gain insight into the national contexts into which your writing will enter as well as the debates and ideas that are enlivening and challenging the ways in which writers create.
  • Learn about central ideas from literary theory and ways to think and write critically about texts. Learn from highly experienced and published authors, scholars, and experts in creative writing.
  • Gain opportunities for exposure with internships at writers’ festivals, literary events, publishing houses, and public readings.

This course is heavily focused on a career in creative writing. QUT prepares you with the course for a career in the following area: fiction writers, editors, embedded creatives in technical and corporate contexts, technical writers, script writers, reviewers, travel writers, feature writers, journalists, publishers, media workers, policy workers, government employees and teachers.

Conclusion: Best Creative Writing Courses in Brisbane

If you are worried about selecting the right creative writing course in Queensland, you really can’t go wrong with any in this list. We have carefully vetted each and every course we have recommended to sure that they are up to scratch in terms of quality offered.

What it really comes down to is 1. budget  and 2. what you want to learn during the course – for example, someone who is interested in creative writing in short stories may find a different course suitable to a person who is looking for a course in creative writing in blogging.

If you have taken a fabulous creative writing course in Brisbane, let us know in the comments below as this is really useful information to our readers.


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