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Best Gaming Glasses Australia: 5 Best Gaming Glasses to Buy

Best Gaming Glasses Australia: 5 Best Gaming Glasses to Buy

Looking for the best gaming glasses in Australia?

If you spend long periods of time each day gaming, you really should think about investing in some gaming glasses. Gaming is fun and all, but it can have long term negative health effects on our eyes. And they are an organ we should protect!

Our television screens or computers expose us to a very high quality of blue light and even more so if you spend a long time gaming – a high energy light frequency that is particularly harmful to our eyes. It can also have the impact of making your eyes sleepy and drousy – especially if you are a gamer.

Luckily, there have been a product made to block this – introducing the gamers – a pair of glasses that not only blocks harmful blue light but includes an extra LLR filter which assists you to maintain accuracy and precision while gaming. Many people are starting to even like the look of the yellow filter, which is cool too – as it will help you to block blue light.

So whether you want a pair of blue light blocking gaming glasses for gaming, for working on your computer, reduce headaches or for a better nights sleep or to just look cool we have rounded up the best ones in Australia.

How to choose Gaming Glasses

Here are some factors we have considered in which are the best:

  • Comfort: You spend a long time gaming so you really want to buy a pair of glasses that are comfortable. There is nothing worse than sitting there for hours gaming wearing an uncomfortable pair of glasses.
  • Value: Of course you want to get value for money but bear in mind that gaming glasses are expensive if you want them to be made correctly. If you buy too cheap it means they are made in a factory rather than an optical lab and probably won’t work.
  • Returns policy: You want a company with a good returns policy. All the glasses here have a good returns policy.
  • Quality: This is very important with a pair of blue blockers. You are buying them for a reason and you want them to work. If glasses are too cheap they won’t because they are made in a factory rather than an optical lab. Check this information.
  • Accessories: Gaming glasses are expensive and an investment for your eyes – you want them to last. Therefore, you want a case and lens to care for your glasses.
  • Review: Is your company reputable with good reviews. We have done the hard work for you – all glasses here have good reviews.

Top 5 Gaming Glasses in Australia

  1. Bjorn Blue – Our top pic
  2. HORUS X – Blue Light Blocking Glasses
  3. Swanwick Blue Light Blockers
  4. GUNNAR – Gaming and Computer Glasses
  5. Anima Computer/Gaming Blue Light Glasses

Bjorn Blue – Best Gaming Glasses

Bjorn Blue are an Australian owned blue light glasses company from Brisbane.

The big win with this company is they make quality Australian gaming glasses from an optical lab not a factory. This means with a pair of Bjorn Blue gaming glasses you are getting a very high quality pair of glasses like you would expect when you go to the optometrist – only at a more affordable price.

If you want prescription in your glasses you can also get this at Bjorn Blue, which most other gaming glasses companies don’t offer.

Each pair of gaming glasses at Bjorn Blue include a special Led Light Reduction Filter (LLR) with signature yellow tint which block blue light from 300 to 550 nm resulting in sharper vision.

The glasses are designed to provide the very best protection in Australia for t hose who spend hours on the computer or gaming. The glasses are made to  maximise your performance and exile sore and irritable eyes.


  • High quality gaming blue blockers made in an optical lab. Arguably the best online computer glasses in Australia.
  • Include high quality anti reflective UV coating for free
  • Include high quality UV 400 coating for free
  • Company with experience in Australian optics – 40+ years
  • A wide range of shapes and styles available
  • Can include your prescription in the glasses


  • Only available in one size per frame

Buy them here.

Gaming Glasses in Australia


HORUS X – Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Horus X makes gaming glasses that are designed for people who spend 1500 hours in front of a screen this year (work, video games, computers, smartphone).

They state that their gaming glasses offer long lasting protection from the harmful effects of blue light with gamer glasses (AMD, eye fatigue, headache).

If you are looking for a cheap pair of gaming glasses, these might be a good option.


  • Lightweight frame made of polycarbonate (27g)
  • UV-treated polycarbonate
  • Anti-reflective, anti-scratch
  • Case ands cloth included
  • Eco responsible (1% for the Planet)
  • Cheap at only $30


  • At a price of $30 it is unlikely they adequately block blue light
  • At a price of $30 it is unlikely they reduce eye strain
  • At a price of $30 it is unlikely they protect against UV400
  • Most likely they are manufactured in a factory, not an optical lab

Buy them here.



Swanwick Blue Light Blockers (also good for gaming)

Swanwick Glasses are marketed as blue blockers but they could also be used for gaming as they include the gaming filter.

While the glasses are pretty ugly, they do claim to do the trick by blocking the blue light, fixing the regulate circadian rhythm so you can sleep better after a long time on the computer or gaming.


  • They claim to reduce digital eye strain
  • Wear at least 2 hours before bedtime continuously for optimal results
  • They claim to reduce headaches but there is no mention of use of a professional optical lab where they are manufactured
  • Money back guarantee


  • Expensive
  • No mention of being manufactured in an optical lab.
  • Buyers claim glasses are askew
  • Ugly designs

Buy them here.


GUNNAR – Gaming and Computer Glasses

One of the most well known providers of gaming glasses in Australia is Gunnar. See how they compare to the others with the specs below:


  • Improve your circadian rhythm
  • Pride themselves on providing frames that are comfortable and fit ergonomically
  • block 65% of harmful Blue light
  • Includes a basic case


  • Unlikely to be made in optical lab as no option to put optical script in place
  • 65% of harmful Blue light is lower than others
  • Only one size of the glasses
  • Basic ugly designs

Buy them here.



Anima Computer/Gaming Blue Light Glasses

If you are looking for a cheap pair of Gaming Glasses, the Anima Gamers are not a bad option with plastic frames and a polycarbonate lens.


  • Plastic frame with a Polycarbonate lens
  • Help fight against digital eyestrain & fatigue, dry/irritated eyes, headaches, disruption in sleep cycles and melatonin production causing reduced sleep quality.
  • Cheap at only $30


  • Unlikely to be made in optical lab as no option to put optical script in place
  • Only available in one size.
  • Ugly frames with limited designs
  • Claims to reduce eye strain and give better sleep but unlikely at $30.

Buy them here.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need prescription gaming glasses? That really depends if you wear prescription normally. If you don’t, you are good to go – you don’t need a pair of prescription gamers.

If you do, it is always best to include your prescription in the gaming glasses as wearing contacts too much can cause irritation to your eye. Not all companies offer prescription to be added to their glasses as you need to have the glasses made in an optical lab for that.

If you do require prescription blue light glasses, we would recommend Bjorn Blue from this list. It doesn’t cost a lot extra to add your prescription to the glasses so it is highly worthwhile if you need a prescription.

How much should I spend? It depends on how much quality you are willing to sacrifice. Low end gaming glasses are likely made in a factory as opposed to a professional optical lab so they won’t work as well. In saying this, if you just want to give them a go, you might like to buy a cheap pair first to see how much you like to wear them.

Conclusion: What to consider when you buy Blue blockers in Australia

If you spend a long time on your computer orin front of the TV, it is very important to invest in a pair of gaming glasses to protect your eyes.

Over time, blue light is thought to be even more dangerous than UV light to the back of the eye so if you are a gamer you really should be wearing your gaming glasses the whole time you are gaming for protection.

If you are already experiencing eye strain, lack of sleep or headaches after gaming you are well in need of a pair of gaming glasses already.

They are also a great souvenir if you are holidaying or working in Australia.

If you want to see if you can claim GST on them when you leave Australia we have a guide that might be helpful for you too!