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One Tree Hill Maleny: Secret Tips

One Tree Hill Maleny: Secret Tips

Looking for One Tree Hill Maleny?

We are not surprised! If you love photography, one Tree Hill is arguably one of the most popular places for photography in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Maleny brides best kept photography secret.

One of the main reasons it is so popular is that the view is absolutely outstanding. While Brisbane and the coastlines are pretty hot and dry, only 2 hours away in Maleny, you will find a paradise of rolling green hills, as if you were transported to an English country town.

One Tree Hill Maleny

Maleny’s One Tree Hill is special as it is one solidarity tree sitting high on the hillside of Maleny overlooking an epic view of the Glass House Mountains. It is a very unique and special spot. The tree is believed to be over 70 years old!

It is a private property owned by the woods family but the Owner, Mrs Woods has very kindly allowed people to come and photograph on her stunning land if they organise it in advance. The Woods family have long owned this amazing piece of land, which still operated as a working cattle farm and celebrated its 100th year in 2017.


How to Find One Tree Hill

Many people struggle to find One Tree Hill as it is located on private property at Maleny. It is located between 308 and 349 on Mountain View Road, Maleny. Drive slowly down Mountain View Road and you will eventually come across the iconic tree from the roadside.

If you have failed to make a booking in advance, you can see the Tree from the roadside outside the gates. If you drive further down Mountain View Road there is a fabulous lookout that you can also take photos from.

If you are planning on getting married in Maleny this is a great spot to take photos from. Photography is amazing all day long at One Tree Hill so no matter when you show up, you will be sure to get incredible photos!

The Rules

First and foremost, this is a private property. There is a big gate out front telling you so.  You need to phone Mrs Woods on 07 5494 2115 and donate $50 prior to entering. You cannot just show up and walk onto the grass.

If you want to access this property there are some rules:

  • You must make at least a $50 donation to the Maleny Community.
  • Respect the property and treat it as your own – The Woods Family
  • No picnics on the property. This used to be allowed but Mrs Woods has since got in trouble with the local Council;
  • No plastic on the property – the cows eat it and one has died;
  • Close the gate after you enter. As it is still a working cattle farm, cattle can escape.
  • Despite the above picture of a car on the land, cars are no longer allowed on. the property.

Some of the organisations in the community that benefit from the donation include the Maleny Historical Society, Maleny Senior Citizens, the Naval Cadets and the Maleny Show Society.


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