22+ Fun Things to do in Maleny QLD This Weekend

Looking for things to do in Maleny QLD?

We have you covered with what to do in Maleny whether you are coming for a day or a weekend you won’t get bored with this ultimate list.

Things to do in Maleny QLD Australia

Chase Waterfalls in the area

One of the best Maleny attractions is undoubtedly the stunning waterfalls in the area.

From the grandeur of Kondalilla to the scenic beauty of Artists Cascades, you will find nature at its best in these waterfalls.

Gardners Falls

Perfect for a refreshing dip, Gardners Falls are nestled near the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and downstream from the Obi Creek. The falls are easy to find so you won’t have difficulty on your walk.

To reach it without mishap, park your car on the banks of the Obi Creek and use the small streams and rock pools as guides to the swimming pool hosted by the Falls.

Once there, you can just relax amid the gushing water and the earthy smell of the wilderness surrounding the Falls. It’s quite magic – trust me.

Kondalilla Falls

Our favourite falls in the Maleny reqion.

Located in a beautiful part of the Blackall Range, this water falls passes woefully green vegetation to fall in the gorge below.

To get there, just drop by the Kondalilla National Park, continue on to the Picnic Creek circuit and descend the Kondalilla Falls circuit.

This particular circuit has more than 300 stairs so you need to be of reasonable fitness level to complete the climb.

At the base, you will be greeted by the breath-taking waterfall amid the lush forest. Have a swim in the lake beneath the Falls for laughter-filled memories.

Kondalilla Falls

Image Credit: Flickr

Baxter Falls in Flaxton

Baxter Falls in Flaxton are another beautiful waterfall hike in the Maleny region.

These falls are accessible for all, even young children provided they have a little stamina for rocky areas along the path.

On foot, you will travel through the rainforest first and onwards towards the Flaxton Camp.

The path is narrow and steep in some places so it will be hard but the sight of the waterfall is well worth it.

If you would like to visit these falls, head towards Flaxton Mill Road.

Image credit: Weekend Notes

Artists Cascades

Artists Cascades is around a 45 minute drive from Maleny. It is well worth the trip if you are spending a weekend or a longer time in the Maleny region.

Visit for the swimming pool with a stunning waterfall, the singular artwork and the history depicted by the gold mine.

Compared to the others, it’s a relatively easy walk that anyone can do. The trails of the Booloumba Creek will lead you to the old gold mine built in 1920s, which are well-known for their history.

Further on, the Strangler Cairn, an impressive rock artwork erected by Andy Goldsworthy. It’s an interesting sight to behold in the middle of the forest.

Lastly, the cascades are the true trophy and a projection of nature’s art. The pool is open to daring tourists, both young and young at heart.


Image credit: Weekend notes

Booloumba Falls in Conondale National Park

Huddled in the Conondale Range in Kenilworth, a visit to Booloumba Falls is a great idea for a longer trip to Maleny (around 1 hour from Maleny into the sunshine coast hinterland).

The parks immense scenic beauty will delight you as you trail along to its waterfalls and rock pools. While there, you can take a dip into the cool waters in the basin of the Falls or gaze in awe at Breadknife, a rock formation that doubles as the junction between Booloumba and Peters Creek.

The path to the Falls is well-structured and allows for a relaxed walk.

Cousin to the Artists Cascades, the Booloumba Falls are one of the many waterfalls that make Sunshine Coast hinterland a popular tourists spot.

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

If you love nature, one of the most popular Maleny tourist attractions is the beautiful Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.

This reserve encompasses 55 hectares of sub-tropical rainforest with the Glass House Mountains looming above.

Home to indigenous species of animals and flora and fauna, this place doubles as a museum to hallmark the creatures that once lived there. Charge up your camera and search for the many reptiles, amphibians, snails, colorful bugs and other insects.

Meet the birds in their own habitat where you can see them feedings on insects, raising their children and dispersing seeds into the soil, doing all they can for the ecosystem.

With wild plums named the Black Apple, Cunjevoi and Wonga vine, the plants are both beautiful and even deadly in some cases. If you love nature, it’s the place to be.

Visit Australia Zoo (Home of the Crocodile Hunter!)

Dubbed as the best zoo in all of Australia and even the world for that matter, it’s different in the sense that you won’t be staring at animals from afar but mingling with them.

The management invites any and all to visit the animals in a duplication of their natural habitat, pat them and learn about the good work Australia zoo is doing to protect them.

Owned and made by the Irwin family, this zoo has over 1200 animals, all waiting for you.

Along with the animals, you can drop by the Croc Lair for souvenirs of the crocodile kind and during your visit, you can eat at the many restaurant within the zoo. The facilities are top-notch and the animals are adorable, maybe not the ferocious tiger but even it has grace.

Tickets cost $59 for adults and $35 for children 3-14 years.

Image Credit: Australia Zoo

Baroon Pocket Dam

Erected across the Obi Creek, this delightful lake is located in both Montville and Maleny. It’s a paradise for nature lovers.

The dam has many recreational facilities and you can have picnic there or trail along the waterways and shores.

Free barbeques are an option and it even has a playground to keep the children occupied.

Looking for something more? Cool off in the tranquil waters of the lake or go fishing.

Baroon Pocket DamImage credit: Queensland

Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World Maleny

By far one of the best Maleny things to do is to visit the Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World.

It’s a small chunk of heaven for aviary and botanist lovers alike.

The Maleny Botanic Garden is a distinct and breath-taking place which is centred on 18 acres land. The place is filled with layered and Terrance garden and majestic waterfalls and plants like annuals, roses, and azaleas.

Over 700 local and foreign birds live in the 4 walk-through aviaries. Be sure to take the Aviary Tours for a bird-filled adventure.

This Maleny attraction is open daily from 9:00am to 4:30pm except on Christmas day. Tickets cost $16 for only garden and $35 for both the aviary and gardens. For children the garden is free and the aviary and gardens pass costs $14. You can get a family pass for $85 for both.

Walk around Maleny Town (Great Shopping and Art Shops)

Maleny Town is home to many interesting and good shops.

If you are looking for a good place to stop by, Giddy and Grace has a great range of gifts for teenagers, men, women and babies.

Next on your list should be the Maleny Arts and Craft Group. People who love their wooden products, knit wear, pottery and glasswork. It’s both an art display and a shop.

For clothes and shoes, you can visit The Industree and Imelda’s on Maple respectively. End your lovely stroll plus shopping expedition by dining in any one of the restaurants and café there. Don’t miss out on a trip to Maleny Chocolate Factory for a spectacular dessert.

Visit some great bookshops – Maleny Book Shop +Rosetta Books

Among others, the bookshops with bestselling novels – both fiction and non-fiction – are worth visiting if you’re a book lover or just love shopping for books.

On 41 Maple Street in the Rural part of the Sunshine Coast, you’ll find the Maleny Book Shop with its homey charm and a fantastic collection. Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, you can drop by this shop during weekdays from 10am to 4:00pm and 9:30 to 3:30pm on weekend.

Not find what you’re looking for? Then, try the Rosetta Books on 30 Maple Street and browse its shelves lined with fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature.

Rosetta is open from 9:30am to 4:00pm during weekdays, 10:00am to 12:00pm on weekends and 9:30am to 1:00pm on Fridays. These two shops will feel like a safe haven if you’re really into books!

Cafes in Maleny

Australians take their coffee seriously. From carpaccio to latte, every coffee is special and has a distinct place in their hearts. Experience the taste of Maleny’s coffee culture at these two cafés – great for high tea in Maleny.

Maple 3 Café

Amid the hustle and bustle of Maleny, Maple 3 Café is a lovely respite from the chaos and the coffee is to die for.

Order food – the pies are really delicious and the cake is goodness packed in a slice – while you savor the coffee and watch the locals go about their business. The staff is friendly and the cook knows the secret to creating tasty recipes.

Maple 3 Cafe is open daily from 8:00am to 2:00pm except on Monday and Tuesday.

Sarah’s Unplugged

This café beckons wandering tourists and locals alike to give it a chance and what a chance it becomes. The coffee is delicious and homemade along with the cakes, sausage rolls and tarts. Craving something else?

Then, pick up their menu because it has almost everything and is all-rounded. For a kick in the morning, order a regular coffee instead of the flavoured one. It’s bitter taste will jolt you awake!

Sarah’s Unplugged is open daily from 6:30am to 2:00pm except on Sunday.


Visit the Art Galleries

If you’re an art lover or enthusiastic, then visit these two of the art galleries. They’re the best in town and the Art is stunning.

Art on Cairncross

Adorned with interesting and mesmerizing art pieces ranging from paintings, sculptures and photographic artwork.

The staff is on hand to talk about and answer questions about the various artworks displayed. It’s a place to be with you just want to look at art for hours on end and not be obliged to buy anything. Trust me when I say you’ll leave the shop with a huge smile.

Art on Cairncross is open daily from 10:30am to 5:00pm except Monday and Tuesday.

Image credit: Art on Cairncross

Maleny Art Direct

Then, there is Art Direct, a shop which features local art in the form of paintings, sculptures and jewellery.

You can also gaze at the unique and enigmatic pottery crafted by Lindsay Muir. Look out for his authentic whale pottery.

It’s looks like and actual whale and you can feel its gleaming eyes crinkling at you. Featuring Bernard O’Scanaill artworks this year as well, the Art Direct will showcases his unpremeditated, quirky, interesting, attractive and even funny pieces that are meant to be seen.

Other artworks by other notable and local artists are up for display there so if you prefer a versatile exhibition, drop by this lovely shop for a heavy dose of Art.

Maleny Art District is open weekdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm, Saturdays from 9:30am to 3:30pm and Sunday from 9:30am to 2:30pm.

Visit Maleny Dairies

Situated on 70 McCarthy Road, the beautiful farm and factory offer tours to help people better understand the dairies.

It kicks off with an introductory film about the farm and then the guests are taken down to the factory to witness how things are done at Maleny Dairies. You’ll love Milli, the tour cow, and her milk (you will get to taste it during the tour).

At the end of the tour, you’ll be taken to the dairies to sample delicious milk products. The tours are informative and the scenic beauty of the area make them even more fun and exciting. These tours are carried daily on open days.

Maleny Dairies is open daily from 8:30am to 4:30pm except Sunday.

Note: Maleny Dairies is not to be confused with the Olde Dairy Maleny where weddings in Maleny commonly take place.

Visit the Maleny Cheese Factory

Do you love cheese? If so, don’t forget the Maleny Cheese Factory on your next visit to Maleny, Australia.

Their cheese is authentic, high-quality and so delicious. Other than the raw cheese, you should also try some of their cheese products like the infamously delectable cheesecake, fried Camembert, Buffalo fetta, scones. If you go on weekends, you can even find out how the cheese is prepared at the factory.

Maleny Cheese Factory is open daily from 10:00am to 3:00pm except Monday and Tuesday.

Visit the Brouhaha Brewery

Beers are locally crafted and restaurant has developed a good menu. It’s a great place to sample some delicious wine and stay for lunch.

The staff is friendly and helpful and will make your trip to the Brewery even more full-filling. Mark up the Brouhaha Brewery on your bucket list because you don’t want to miss it!

Brohaha Brewery is open 10:00am to 5:00pm except on Sunday.

Eat Award winning ice cream at Maleny Food Co.

Ice cream and ice-cream as far as the eye can see. It’s a summer day paradise in there!

The gelato and sorbets are made locally and prepared from high-quality milk. According to the staff, the ice-cream isn’t whipped but churned to give the creamy texture that Maleny Co. is famous for.

You can browse from over 100 flavours such as Hazelnut, Fruit Salad, Blood Orange, Lychee Choc Ginger and even Espresso.

Maleny Food Co. is open 8:00am to 2:00pm except from Monday to Wednesday.


Visit Witta Market

Held on the third Saturday of every month, the Witta Market is set in the calming pastures of Witta, a rural village near Maleny.

Live music fills the atmosphere while the many stall set up by local growers and producers sell stuff like homemade soap, jams and preserve and baked goods as well. Y

ou can even buy live chickens, bales of hay, flowers like orchids and many other things. When there, sit back on the grass, sway in the music and enjoy all that the locals have to offer. You will love it there!

Open from 7:30am to 12:00pm

Check out the various look outs in Maleny

Find a perfect lookout to gaze at the beauty of Maleny. Any one of the three lookouts below are up for the job.

McCarthy’s Lookout

Nestled in the Mountain View Road, you need to keep your eyes peeled to find the lookout.

It has really great views of the Glasshouse Mountain and if its foggy, you might catch a glimpse of the mountain partially shrouded in mist.

The mist makes the mountain appear mysterious and enigmatic. You can even spot the sea from the lookout. The views are both awe-inspiring and breath-taking.

Gerrards Lookout

In the heart of the Blackall Range, you’ll come across Gerrards Lookout.

It presents sweeping views of the Glasshouse mountain and particularly the coast. It’s height friendly so you have height phobia, it’s the lookout to go to. Enjoy a scenic beauty filled drive to the lookout.

Obi Valley Lookout

This lookout is rigged with lush green vegetation and tall shade providing trees.

Moreover, the views from the trails are astonishingly lovely. From the lookout, you can gaze at the scenery below. Try to recognize the attractions (if you see any) from there.


One Tree Hill Maleny – one of the most popular spots in Maleny for photography

Visit the nearby town of Montville

A rural town in Sunshine Coast, Montville has dinning, accommodations, shopping and much more for tourists and guest looking forward to having a good time.

The architectural construct of the building will allure artists among you and the natural areas like waterfalls and national parks will be lovely for naturalists.

Stay in one of the English or log cottages for an original and charming village experience.

Montville to Maleny is only a short 15-20 minute drive.

Visit the nearby town of Kenilworth

In the core of the Mary Valley area, this town sits with its historical museums, art gallery and cheese and ice-cream factory.

Fishing and horse riding are a norm there so you’ll have opportunities for both and more. Up for a hike? Then, follow the trials of the Gheerulla State Forest for a fun adventure. It’s a town worth visiting.

Try to down a 1kg Doughnut at Gorge on Doughnuts in Kenilworth

This humongous doughnut is a challenge for the ones with a sweet tooth. F

illed with either jam, custard or Nutella (the contestants choose the filling), it usually takes people over 2 hours to finish it but lucky challengers have eaten it in just around 5 minutes. Do it for the satisfaction, the $20 you’ll get back and most of all to get your name on a plaque on the bakery’s wall.

Accommodation in Maleny: Romantic Places to Stay

Going on a couples’ getaway to Maleny, Australia? Then, book one of the hotels below for a luxury-filled stay.

Spicers Tamarind

The hotel mixes western resources with peacefulness of the eastern cultures to bring you a luxurious yet calming experience.

Since its an influx of Asian and Western culture, you’ll get a chance to dine on Asian Cuisine in the hotel’s Tamarind Restaurant. Book any one of the beautiful rooms for a romantic stay at this elegant retreat.

Book your stay here.


Secrets on the Lake

Stay in the bungalows, cabins and treehouses infused with free internet, fireplaces, spa baths and balconies.

The wooden artwork in them is stunning and artistically authentic. When there, savor homemade food from the Secrets Cafe & Deck amidst the capturing views of the rainforest.

It’s a lovely hotel with wooden furniture to stay at.

Book your stay here.

Spicers Clovelly Estate

Crafted after the French motto “joie de vivre” (life isn’t just good), this hotel is designed to make life special for its guests.

The guest house lies amid violet jacarandas and ravishing groves of magnolia and the suites are accommodated with amenities for the comfort of the guest.

Home to the Long Apron restaurant, you can enjoy French Cuisine far from the plains of France. Mark it on your calendar because it’s worth a stay!

Book your stay here.


Visit one of Queensland’s best beaches – Caloundra (only 40 minutes’ drive away)

The King Beach is waiting for you in Australia with its panoramic views, picnic spots, and the sea to surf and swim in.

The sandy beach is the ideal spot for a family cricket or football game or you can just sit back on the sand, relax and take in the alluring coastal scenery.

With clean beach facilities and so much to do there, Caloundra beach is always teeming with locals and tourists. Add it to your bucket list now because it’s a worth visiting beach.

Brisbane to Maleny: How to Get There

It is around a 2 hour drive from Brisbane CBD to Maleny north along the M1 highway.

If you want a break along the way you might like to stop in at the town of Landsbough.

Summary: Maleny

Maleny is a great place to visit, only a few hours outside of Brisbane. It is the perfect place for a weekend getaway or a longer stay.

Bookmark this guide for the best Maleny things to do.

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