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50 Romantic Restaurants in Melbourne To Visit This Year

50 Romantic Restaurants in Melbourne To Visit This Year

Looking for the most romantic restaurants in Melbourne to visit this year!

We have you covered! Whether you are planning an epic first date or looking for that hidden gem for your anniversary dinner we have what you are looking for – Melbourne’s finest dining experiences for couples!

No more date night headaches with this list – bookmark it to use again next Saturday night!

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Romantic Restaurants in Melbourne

Best restaurants for anniversary dinner


Rekindle some of those lost moments of anticipation and excitement when you celebrate your anniversary with your loved one at Florentino.  With wines from less know varietals from both Australia and Italy, paired well with fresh ingredients from local vendors you will find the perfect taste to match the mood.  Being a fine dining establishment since the 1930’s everything from the atmosphere to the food is steeped in tradition but mixed with a modern flair.


The French Brasserie

Stylish and relaxed with a flair for contemporary style, The French Brasserie is one of the most romantic restaurants in Melbourne.  Just the feel of being in Paris with the smells, sounds, and décor of the most romantic city on earth will take your breath away and guarantee you to have a wonderful night away with your loved one as you celebrate your special evening together.

Osteria Ilaria

Featuring a seasonal changing menu with ingredients imported from around the world, Osteria Ilaria is an excellent choice to commemorate your love with your husband or wife.  Modern elegance mixed with traditional values of amazing customer service you will not be disappointed in the least.  Leave feeling closer than ever to the person of your dreams.

Cecconi’s Flinders Lane Restaurant & Cellar Bar

Head Chef Sebastiano Pezzoli creates incredible modern Venetian cuisine combined with a flair for traditional style.  A more modern vibe that other Italian restaurants in Melbourne, the basement bar and grill offer the seclusion and privacy you may be looking for on your special night away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Bergerac Restaurant

A small, intimate establishment serving fine French food with an extensive wine list featuring award winning varietals from all over the world.  If you are looking to get away from the big, busy restaurant and have a more intimate experience for your anniversary then I would look no further than Bergerac Restaurant.  Sit close and feel close to your partner.

Maha Restaurant

Add a little spice to your evening with the most delicious Middle Eastern Cuisine in all of Melbourne.  Maha brings flavor alive on your tongue, changing the menu seasonally to ensure always having the freshest ingredients from the most reputable suppliers from around the region.  Combined with a warm, comfortable atmosphere and good alcohol there is not better option for a spicy evening out.

Bottega Restaurant

Featuring tablecloth dining with an impeccably trained staff Bottega is perfect for a formal evening of winning and dinning your spouse on your anniversary night.  Local and Italian wines pair beautifully with the sophisticated presentation and flavor of the food.


Best romantic restaurants in the CBD

Foglia Di Fico

You may have to reserve your table ahead of time as there is no other Italian restaurant in the CBD that offers a more romantic and engaging dining experience.  From the moment you walk in the door you and your loved one will lose themselves in the atmosphere of the décor and fine food.

Punch Lane Wine Bar and Restaurant

Modern Australian cuisine mixed with the harmony of sophisticated traditionalism, Punch Lane Wine Bar offer an exquisite menu with wine and cocktails to make the perfect compliments with your meal.  Surrounded by the soft music and feeling of seclusion you experience true romance as you dine.

Tipo 00

Enjoy a cocktail at the marble bar top while waiting for a table at Tipo 00.  One of the more romantic restaurants in the CBD because of the ambiance created by the open kitchen atmosphere.  Feel like you are part of the action while your delicious meal is prepared.  With the aphrodisiac in mind, the menu was designed to bring the romance from food into your life.

Tipo 00

Flower Drum Restaurant

Named for a famous dance in China known for its beauty and grace, Flower Drum is the top of the line for a romantic Chinese dinner.  Amazing wine selection perfectly complimenting the aromatic flavors of the traditional cuisine.  Atmosphere is elegant yet relaxed with exceptional service standards.


Located in an intimate basement setting, Ishizuka has the most masterfully created culinary menu in Melbourne.  Known for serving art of a plate there is no place you will find where you food will bring the rest of your night alive.

Caterina’s Cucina E Bar

Enter through the Art Deco gate into the underground sanctuary of Caterina’s Cucina E Bar for the perfect romantic lunch stop during your day.  Inspired by traditional Italian hospitality values you will barely notice the amazing staff as the help you escape to a world of just you and your partner.


Perfectly balanced Spanish cuisine gives just the right spice before a night out dancing.  Featuring traditional tapas and signature craft cocktails, MoVida’s atmosphere is lively and interactive between patrons and staff alike.  Just a great, fun place.

Intimate restaurants


Serving a contemporary Australian tasting menu comprised of locally grown fresh produce, local wines, and amazing flavors Navi strives to be the most intimate restaurants in Australia.  Quiet music and décor toned down to create that close and private atmosphere for the perfect intimate dinner.

Matteo’s Restaurant- Fitzroy North

The warm and cozy atmosphere right from the start make Matteo’s feel comfortable and inviting.  The Asian fusion tasting menus are paired expertly with fine wines by extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff.  Perfect for anniversaries, first dates, or just because.

Epocha Restaurant- Carlton

Nothing is more intimate with your partner than sharing.  Visit Epocha Restaurant and you will get the experience of sharing the love of food with your date.  The close, comforting atmosphere and amazing alcohol selections adds to the experience of sharing the flavors of love.

Lume- South Melbourne

Feel the weights on your shoulders lift away as you enter the mellow dining room at Lume.  The deep earth tones throughout and quiet ambiance make your experience very private and personal.  Consistently updated menu seasonally to ensure using only the freshest ingredients to create amazing dishes.

Geppetto Trattoria- East Melbourne

The intimacy created from the Rustic Italian restaurant Geppetto Trattoria is second to none in Melbourne.  From the warm lighting to the tradition cuisine everything you experience starts with warmth and welcome.  Make that special moment last as time fades away.

Summer’s Garden Bar- North Melbourne

Soak up the sun in one of the private tables outside among the Japanese Garden at Summer’s Garden’s Bar.  You will be surrounded by the beauty and elegance of the fountains and greenery all around you.  Traditional Japanese culture is steeped throughout the food, ambiance, and service.

Maha Restaurant

Chef Shane Delia brings you new and exciting flavors using classic Middle Eastern concepts and combining them with interesting modern flair.  Extremely refined dishes and service in a contemporary setting.  When you leave Maha’s Restaurant some of the passion for food, life, and people will follow.

Casual romantic restaurants

Waves on the Beach Restaurant- Frankston

Chill out on the patio at Waves on the Beach Restaurant.  Feel the heat of the sunshine and the air of the cool breeze as you lean back and enjoy the panoramic views around you.  The relaxing vibe from the moment you are seated will allow you to have the romantic date you wanted without any of the stuffy formalness of fine dining.

Gazi Restaurant

Feel like you have left Australia for the Mediterranean as you try the delicious street inspired Greek cuisine as Gazi Restaurant.  Lively, loud, and always entertaining, the bar and dining area are combined in a way to not allow much privacy but are perfect for taking the pressure off, especially on a first date.

Hardiman’s Hotel- Kensington

If you are looking for the perfect pub environment to start your night combined with an intimate dining experience, then Hardiman’s hotel is the right destination for you.  Classic homemade recipes for both food and craft beer will delight your palate while the staff makes you feel at home like neighbors or family.

Portello Rosso

One of the best tapas restaurants in Melbourne, Portello Rosse is hidden away in a small alleyway.  Specializing in Spanish style small plates, there are a variety of seating options from the most casual of sharing benches to private balconies set apart from the world.


Seamstress Restaurant

You will feel like you are in a sweatshop in China after climbing the old stairs leading past the dining room and into the cocktail bar.  With garments waving from the ceiling and a cocktail many featuring a great many different martinis will almost make you feel like you traveled to a 1980’s bar in China.

Anada- Fitzroy

A local favorite in the Melbourne area, Anada’s menu has evolved from a simple Spanish tapas menu to one with an amazing variety of modern influence and Australian style.  The homemade culture of the staff, food, alcohol, and makes everyone feel welcome and invited.

Berth Restaurant- Docklands

Floor to ceiling windows offer stunning views while you enjoy delicious brews at Berth Restaurant.  The multipurpose venue has two floors, three separate dining areas, and an outdoor deck all with views of the city.

Restaurants with a view

Eureka 89

Executive chef, Renee Martillano creates amazing dishes inspired by the dramatic views of Melbourne below.  Towering hundreds of feet in the air with the expanse of the city below makes Eureka 89 a prime destination for a romantic evening with a view.

Vue De Monde

Master Chef Shannon Bennett’s award wining French cooking is combined with Australian contemporary flavors astounds the taste buds but does not compare to the sprawling view from the dining room on the 55th floor of the Rialto Tower at Vue De Monde.

Ponyfish Island- Southbank

Interesting and unique with one-of-a-kind views of the city from the island restaurant.  Situated on an island in between the banks of the Yarra River enjoy stunning views no matter the location you are seated while enjoying seasonal small plates and signature island cocktails.

No35- Melbourne

Rising 150m above the ground, the breathtaking views from inside the contemporary No35 restaurant are rivaled by few in all of Australia.  Serves modern Australian cuisine and regional wine varietals with award winning service.

La Camera Restaurant Southgate- Southbank

Despite being one of the best Italian restaurants in Melbourne, La Camera Restaurant I better know for its stunning venue with balconies situated among the treetops overlooking the banks of the Yarra River.  Perfect for watching the people below or gazing at the city light on the skyline there is no better place to feel secluded and open and the same time.

The Boatbuilders Yard- South Wharf

Literally built upon the existing dock of where hundreds of ships were built and jetting out over the water the deck at the Boatbuilders Yard give you the closest view of the water as you can see it underneath the slats beneath your feet.  Classic pub style does not miss on trying the fish and chips.

The Lui Bar- Melbourne

Located on the same floor of the Rialto Tower as Vue De Monde the views from the Lui Bar are next to none in all of Melbourne.  If you are not wanting to have the heaviness of a full French dinner but still experience the award wining flavors of Chef Shannon Bennet this is the only place you can.  Elegance astounds as even your name is announce as you enter the cocktail bar from the elevator.

Conservatory- Southbank

For something a little different than the classic dinner or cocktails, try doing something different that can be as romantic as it is elegant.  High tea at the Conservatory will take you straight to Paris at teatime.  Along with tea the spectacular Yarra River views are some of the best in the city.

The Deck Restaurant- Southbank

The Deck is a unique outdoor space perfect for an evening cocktail or dinner date while enjoying the grand views from the Southbank of the Yarra River.  A wall of greenery and string lights create a cozy and open atmosphere.  At night there is no better view of the city lights.

Byblos Bar & Restaurant- Docklands

Featuring an array of modern Middle Eastern cuisine and some of the most stunning wines from around the world Byblos Bar & Restaurant is a cannot miss place for a romantic dinner with a gorgeous view.  Located at WTC Wharf it is the ideal location to get the best view of the Yarra River while dining.

Romantic Italian restaurants

Rosetta Ristorante

Chef Neil Perry brings you unquestionable the highest quality Italian food in Melbourne.  Featuring a daily insert that changes based on the freshest foods available from vendors that morning.  The luxurious interior design and elegant setting make for a stunningly romantic setting.

Tuscany Grill

Classic romantic Italian venue featuring the best wines and pastas in the region.  Leave the hustle of the city behind as you enter an atmosphere that feels like being in a small town in Italy amongst the vines of the grapes and hospitality of family.  Sip a glass of award-winning wine while enjoying the summer breeze at the patio lounge.

Di Stasio Citta

Relax and get ready for great conversation with your partner in this low light beautiful Italian restaurant.  Di Stasio Citta offers some of the modern Italian cuisine around with an exceptional wine selection and mood setting décor the dinner will just be the start of your romantic evening.

Amici Trattoria Restaurant

Amici’s romantic atmosphere comes from the cozy wood-accented dining room with elegant art adorning the walls throughout.  Classic style Italian dishes also lead to the romance as one can only imagine the scene from Lady and the Tramp while you are sharing a pasta dish and bottle of wine with your date.


Rosa’s Garden

Utilizing the freshest ingredient sourced from local providers, Rosa’s Garden in Melbourne serves the simple Sicilian recipes that you would expect from a grandmother in Italy.  Nothing is more romantic in Italian culture than good food, good times, and good stories around the table.


Romantic evening does not always have to be extravagant and difficult to plan, sometimes just the simple things like at Capitano’s where the approachable and family atmosphere of the American-Italian restaurant cannot help but make you feel more comfortable and relaxed for your evening.


Pepe’s Italian & Liquor

Modern and sexy Italian dishes are served in the dim, quiet atmosphere of Pepe’s Italian and Liquor.  Easy listening music vibrates through the air as your wine warms your stomach and the smells of the sauces from the kitchen fill your nostrils.

Romantic restaurants Southbank Melbourne


Nested on the bank of the Yarra river and touting one of the best views in Southbank, Waterfront is an opportunity for a romantic dinner you will not want to miss.  Waterfront specializes in the freshest Japanese seafood in Melbourne, bring ingredients straight from the market to your plate.

Bistro Guillaume

Inspired by the famous bistros throughout the neighborhoods of Paris, Bistro Guillaume offers the most enchanting views of the Yarra River while serving a menu full of classic French classics.  The richness and the flavors of the French cuisine and the award winning imported French wines combine to make to meal itself a romance without the amazing view needed.

Rockpool Bar and Grill

Luxurious and modern establishment offering contemporary Australian cuisine with high ceilings and light to set the mood.  Inspired by the great steakhouses of North America and evolving into an Australian marvel using locally sourced beef, produce, and alcohol from only the best providers in Australia.

The Atlantic Restaurant

Aphrodisiacs delight in the oyster bar offerings and seafood menu.  Complete with amazing service, gorgeous views, and delicious food nothing will disappoint your romantic evening out.  Sip a cocktail in the lounge with classical piano while waiting for a waterside table.

Nobu Melbourne Crown Casino

Premium, high end steakhouse specializing in Japanese grilling techniques and sushi dishes.  Extremely elegant and sleek environment with stunning views of the river and the city’s skyline.  Dark red wines, perfectly cooked steak, and strawberries dipped in chocolate for dessert is the perfect precursor to a great night after.



One of the newest and most upcoming venues in Melbourne, Asado specializes in bringing you the grilling flavor and spicy style of Argentina right to your table.  From the lively, yet elegant atmosphere, to the artistic creations adorning your plates, everything that happens at Asado is an experience to remember.