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31 Best Day Trips from Melbourne Victoria (+ Weekend Getaways!)

31 Best Day Trips from Melbourne Victoria (+ Weekend Getaways!)

If you are looking for the best day trips from Melbourne look no further!

We have you covered with the best places to go near Melbourne (within a 3 hour drive) and also places that are up to a 4 hour drive that you can take on weekend trips from Melbourne.

We have done the hard research for you! 31 TOP places to visit near Melbourne right here.

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31 Day Trips from Melbourne (+ a few Weekend Trips from Melbourne)

Williamstown (25 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

Located 25 minutes from Melbourne on Port Phillip Bay, Williamstown is a nice relaxing place for a quick getaway. The first port settlement is teeming with museums, historical landmarks, quaint shops, and restaurants, providing a little for everyone!

If city life is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of parks for a walk or relaxing at the Williamstown Beach. This port side town is a perfect place for a day trip along the water, but not straying too far from home. One of the best attractions near Melbourne to visit.

Want to stay overnight? Quest Williamstown is a nice spot!


Image credit: Visit Melbourne

Queenscliff (1 hour, 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

The small seaside resort town of Queenscliff, has a lot to offer. The picturesque views can be seen from every part of the peninsula, creating a very serene and relaxing atmosphere.  Victorian architecture, wide boulevards, and museums make Queenscliff a haven for new and established history buffs.

Family friendly activities, are also in abundance, such as the Queenscliff Music Festival, snorkelling, surfing and various river cruises. This day trip will surely be one to remember!

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Lake Mountain (2 hours north from Melbourne CBD)

Snow sports are the main attracting at Lake Mountain. Located two hours north of Melbourne, Lake Mountain is home to the most popular cross country ski resort in Australia. There are plenty of snow related activities such as a tube run, tobogganing, and even snowboard lessons for kids.

Playing in the snow, is just one of the benefits to this mountain, because there are also bushwalks, mountain bike trails, and a zip line, if warm activities are more your speed! This family friendly place, brings a little something for everyone and is sure to make everyone happy.


Geelong (1 hour south west from Melbourne CBD)

Geelong is a small city southwest of Melbourne. This small port city has many attractions along its bay side area including the Waterfront esplanade, the 19th century carousel, and the art deco boardwalk. The vibrant artistic scene ensures a historic and unique experience for all visitors.

The Geelong Botanic Garden and Eastern Beach provide opportunities to explore nature close to home! A day trip to Geelong, will leave visitors entranced by the vibrant life and history of this port city! One of the best easy day trips from Melbourne!


Hanging Rock Reserve, The Macedon Ranges (1 hour from Melbourne CBD)

Sacred pre-historic volcanic rocks are the main attraction at Hanging Rock Reserve. Home to some of the best food and wine places in the areas, Hanging Rock is not just home to outdoor activities. There are opportunities to explore the artistic mediums of the people who live here, along with cultural experiences, such as plays, musicals, and even concerts!

Each of these activities use the Hanging Rock Reserve as its background, where adventurers can experience hiking trails and opportunities to learn the history of the volcanic rock formation. The Macedon Ranges has something for everyone!


Lorne (2 hours from Melbourne CBD)

There are plenty of popular tourist activities in Lorne to make any family day trip memorable. Many outdoor adventure activities populate the town, such as, swimming, surfing, pier fishing, and even some hiking. All of these activities provide splendid views of the Great Ocean Road and picturesque nature views.

Lorne is host to many cultural festivals that make it an appealing artistic venue for locals. Any trip to Lorne will be sure to leave you excited and awe inspired by the many opportunities this place has.

Wilsons Promontory National Park (3 hours from Melbourne CBD)

Reconnecting with nature and experiencing wildlife in its natural habitat, are just a few of the unique opportunities Wilsons Promontory National Park offers. The winding trails lead hikers from the Tidal River to the beautiful white quartz sand of Squeaky Beach, ensuring you will feel rejuvenated.

The nearby Mount Oberon, provides scenic views of the Bass Straight and nearby islands; while the Lightstation provides a unique historic glimpse back to the 19th century.

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Bendigo (1 hour, 50 minutes north from Melbourne CBD)

The historic gold rush town of Bendigo lies an hour and 50 minutes from Melbourne. Each unique tourist experience, such as the tour of the Central Deborah Mine or the Golden Dragon Museum, allows you to learn and appreciate the history of Bendigo.

The award winning wine region offers a wide variety of food and drink, and are heralded for their Shiraz. So no matter what your poison, Bendigo offers experiences for everyone!


Grampians National Park (3 hours from Melbourne CBD)

Grampians National Park is home to the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre, bringing to light the local Aboriginal history and rock art. Around the centre is a sprawling nature reserve, home to echidnas and wallabies. The winding trails lead to waterfalls and scenic overlooks of the Victoria Mountain Range. While, Halls Gap Zoo, the largest regional zoo in Victoria, exhibits over 160 native and exotic animals.

This unique park, even offers an award winning wine village and glamping experiences. Each activity will be sure to keep you and your family engaged with all aspects of nature.

Ballarat (1 hour, 30 minutes from  Melbourne CBD)

As the third largest city in Victoria, Ballarat is home to a diverse tourist market. Each award winning attraction and unique experience provides a day trip visitor an experience they will never forget. The Ballarat Wildlife Park offers a relaxing atmosphere allowing humans and animals to interact one on one to create memorable moments.

Kyral Castle offers kids the opportunity to experience medieval activities and broaden their imagination. Kids and adults alike will be clamouring to go back!

Yarra Valley (1 hour from Melbourne CBD)

The wine region of the Yarra Valley, boasts a cool climate known for producing Chardonnay. But there are family friendly activities for all day trippers! Many wineries in the area provide activities for children, while adults experience the luxury of the wineries. Along with wine, a unique experience that is a must do in the Yarra Valley, is the sunrise hot air balloon experience with Global Ballooning Australia. The spectacular views of the Yarra Valley are on display as you gaze at the beautiful sunrise.


Great Ocean Road (1 hour and 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

The 664 kilometre stretch of The Great Ocean Road, provides spectacular views of the coast of Australia, along with plenty of new experiences. The Great Ocean road can be a multiple day trip, or be shortened to one day. All along this winding war memorial, are surfing spots and spectacular sights, such as the 12 Apostles. These iconic rock formations dot the coastline, and ensure a unique experience for any traveller.

Each town The Great Ocean Road passes through, there are award winning and unique food destinations any foody will love! No matter how long or short your trip is on The Great Ocean Road, you will make memorable moments!

The Dandenong Ranges (1 hour from Melbourne CBD)

Adventure awaits at The Dandenong Ranges. The vibrant and exotic fauna and flora of the ranges, provide a magical and magnificent adventure away from the city. The cool Climate Garden offers visitors the ability to learn and study a wide collection of rare plants. Gumbuya World, Melbourne’s largest theme park, boasts an assortment of wildlife along with adventures for all types of thrill seekers. The Dandenong Ranges provide something for everyone to explore the wonders and joys of nature.

Dandenong Ranges

Mornington Peninsula (1 hour, 10 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

Home to the Wine Food Farmgate Trail, Mornington Peninsula is a treasure trove of wonderful food and wine. Between food/wine stops, visitors enjoy the activities and attractions that populate the area. Historic garden hedges and mazes provide inspiration for the visitor, while activities, such as paddle boarding, at the beach provide relaxation. Each attraction on the peninsula provides something for everyone, leaving the entire family begging for more.

Daylesford (1 hour, 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

The unique landscape of Daylesford provides an opportunity to explore the area of an extinct volcano. Utilizing the mineral springs in the area, the town is home to many natural healing therapies and spas, helping a weary traveller to find relaxation and peace. The region is also home to many walking trails and camp grounds, allowing any visitor the opportunity to explore the lush greenery of the area.

Phillip Island (2 hours south of Melbourne CBD)

Philip’s Island is best known for its Little Penguins that come into shore around sunset. Spectators gather for this unique opportunity once a day at Summerland Beach to see this ‘Penguin Parade.’ The wildlife residing on Philip’s Island makes each day a new opportunity to see something new. If wildlife is not your interest, then there are also beaches, fantastic eateries, and the Philip Island Circuit (a legendary track for racing).

Pentridge Prison (30 mins from of Melbourne CBD)

The Victorian Heritage Register has protected many of the buildings located at Pentridge Prison. The prison is home to various art exhibits as well as some spooky ghost tours. Some of the buildings are currently under restoration to be made into housing, retail, and open spaces for the public. Today, you can go to Pentridge and visit the prison and learn about its historic nature.

St Kilda (20 mins from of Melbourne CBD)

Excitement and adventure can be found at nearly every corner in St Kilda. The beachside town is known for its beachside activities and promenade. Only being twenty minutes from Melbourne, windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing is abound. Each shopping and eating experience holds new opportunities and experiences to explore St Kilda’s diverse culture. A vibrant culture teeming with artistic talent makes this beachside town a perfect day trip.

St Kilda

Bellarine Peninsula (1 hour, 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

The abundance of food and wine located on the Bellarine Peninsula is a foodie’s paradise. The fresh bounty along the Bellarine Peninsula Taste Trail, ensures you and your car will not go home empty. The serene views and distinctive landscape allow for adventures of both the land and sea variety. Art galleries, festivals, and eco-adventures populate the area ensuring each person will find something amazing to do on this day trip adventure.

Healesville (1 hour from Melbourne CBD)

Healesville lies close to the Yarra Valley making this a nice day trip for those interested in a variety of activities. The boutique shops and art galleries provide new inspiration for budding artistes; while the Glassblowing Studio gives visitors the opportunity to witness the historic art of glassblowing. An Animal Sanctuary and park walks allow you to experience nature one on one and explore the lush greenery of the region.

Flinders (1 hour, 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

Flinders offers a unique architectural experience, with a preserved streetscape and historic shops. Lying on the coast of the Bass Strait and Westernport Bay, Flanders is home to Cape Schanck and the cleanest air in the world. The coastal walk among the bluestone boulders along the Flinders Blowhole Walk, ensure a beautiful view of the ocean coastlines and native animals.

Kyneton (1 hour from Melbourne CBD)

The gold rush brought the thriving village of Kyneton to life. If you enjoy history and picturesque views, Kyneton may be the place for you. Adventurous wine tastings, are sure to leave you raving about the wine of the region; while the bushwalks and village tours allow you to experience the history and natural beauty of the region.

The festivals and other artistic events held here every year are vibrant and diverse, allowing for new interests and activity to excite visitors!

Marysville (1 hour, 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD)

The beautiful town of Marysville is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. The distinct Yarra Ranges National Park is located here, and provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature.

After rebuilding from a raging bushfire, Marysville is a picturesque town rebuilt from the ashes. This small town serves as a launch pad for people who would like to visit the Alpine Resort in winter or a place for hungry hikers to get a bite to eat.


Image credit: Visit Victoria

Weekend Trips from Melbourne Getaways

Bright (3 hours, 30 min from Melbourne CBD)

Lying at the base of Mount Buffalo National Park and Alpine National Park, Bright is a region known for its fall foliage and unique experiences. Bright is a place to visit during warm and cold times of year. There are plenty of biking and hiking trails in Bright, along with skiing and snowboarding on Victoria’s Alps. Not only are there plenty activities but they have a world class foodie scene. Boutique restaurants and wineries line the streets, making this the perfect place for a long weekend getaway.

Mount Buller (3 hours from Melbourne CBD)

Mount Buller is a winter resort village situated three hours from Melbourne. The snowy ski slopes and terrain parks, make this an opportunity you cannot miss. Mount Buller is also home to the National Alpine Museum, chronicling the history of Australian’s winter sports.  A sports lover’s paradise, Mount Buller, ensures all adrenaline junkies will find an activity that suits them no matter the time of year.


Beechworth (3 hours from of Melbourne CBD)

A historic and charming town, Beechworth is home to many natural experiences. The hiking and biking trails around the area provide serene views of the valley and historical knowledge.  This once gold rush town, now has an artistic scene connected to nature, along with historic buildings. This long weekend getaway is made for those who like to enjoy nature, while also experiencing life in a small town.

Rutherglen (3 hours from of Melbourne CBD)

Along the Murray River, Rutherglen is known as one of premier wine regions in Victoria. Populated with wineries, this popular place makes for a great long weekend getaway. Along with winery tours, there are plenty of biking and hiking trails. This little slice of paradise, will appeal to the wine lovers and adventure seekers allowing you to have a weekend you will never forget!

Metung (3 hours, 30 min from of Melbourne CBD)

If an escape to the coast is your wish, Metung may be the destination for you! The relaxed village atmosphere is perfect for all the water sport activities and experiences any adventurer will love. Fresh seafood and farm to table restaurants create a unique dining experience. At the foot of the Great Alpine Road, this vacation village is a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the road and allows you to explore the Gippsland Lakes from land and water!


King Valley (3 hours from Melbourne CBD)

A slice of Italy in Victoria, awaits you in King Valley. Wineries and Italian eateries line the valley and create the Prosecco Road. Festivals in June have local wineries open their doors to visitors and do winery walkabouts. Liking wine is a must, when visiting this area. The locally grown grapes and ingredients make the food and dining experience different from any other area of Australia.

Apollo Bay (3 hours from of Melbourne CBD)

On the Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay is a well-known surfing spot for the surfing aficionado. The pristine coastal waters allow for any water sport fanatic to find something to do. Art, farmers markets, and pristine hikes, allow for fantastic views of the Great Ocean Road, while celebrating the culture of Apollo Bay. This getaway is certain to provide diverse experiences and have something for everyone!

Apollo Bay

Mildura (6 hours from of Melbourne CBD)

Mildura is the centre of Victoria’s Food Bowl, growing most of the citrus fruits in the region. The beautiful sunsets and clear night skies make Mildura a nice relaxing getaway. There are activities for the whole family, including an Aquacoaster and various biking activities. This historical region even has a vibrant art scene and boutique retail stores, making the region a unique and interesting place for the long getaway!

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