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Makeup Courses Perth: 5 Best Courses no matter your Skill

Makeup Courses Perth: 5 Best Courses no matter your Skill

Looking for the best makeup courses in Perth?

No matter if you are looking to start a profession in makeup or you are just looking to improve your skillset for a Saturday night on the town this list has it all.

Makeup is great as it is always in demand. Celebrities, tv stars, weddings and formals as well as other events all require the skills of a well qualified makeup artist. These things go ahead with or without the existence of COVID-19 (most of the time) so a makeup artist is a relatively COVID proof profession.

If you are in the boat that you want to do this a career, you will need to learn from the very best. Makeup is a relatively competitive field in that people want their makeup done by the best of the best. If you manage to be regarded as a highly skilled makeup artist however, you will find yourself well in demand.

For this reason, you will want to do research into the perfect course to get your skillset to the level that is required to be considered the best of the best and that will need a teacher that has awesome skills. The cool thing about makeup as a job is that you can do the job on your own terms – you can work for yourself or also work for a big company – there are so many opportunities!

Doing makeup as a profession is not then only reason you might want to take a course. Doing a makeup course in Perth is also a great way to improve your skills. If you are a person who does makeup daily and wants to improve their look or even master eyes for weekend makeup styles- taking a class is always a good idea to achieve your goals.

Perth has some absolutely amazing makeup courses to choose from. We have done the hard work for you and filtered out the duds so only the very best makeup classes in Perth remain – you can’t go wrong with this list!

WA Academy

Address: The Bentley Centre Suite 2, 1140 Albany Highway Bentley

Phone Number: (08) 9356 2269


WA Academy is one of the best of Perth makeup courses around. What we love about the Academy is the wide range of courses on offer that would suit both a beginner to well established person in makeup varying from long courses which are like degrees and last a few years to short courses of only a few weeks.

If you want something professional you will be pleased to know they offer the SHB20116 Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics, SHB30215 Certificate III In Makeup and the certificate CUA51015 Diploma of Screen And Media-Specialist Makeup Services.

Perth Makeup Academy

Address: T7/8 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA

Phone Number: (04) 98 881 444


Another of the most popular courses in Perth is no other than the Perth Makeup Academy. This course is also very popular with beginner artists who like to follow the current Instagram makeup trends as the courses offered here are very focused on the latest and greatest of skills.

That is not to say that this course is not good for someone wanting to become a professional makeup artist as it is taught by some of the best makeup artists in the Perth industry, especially those who specialise in MAC makeup so if you want to apply MAC makeup this is a good place for you!

South Metropolitan TAFE

Phone Number: 1800 001 001


We always like to include TAFE as one of our options as if you are looking to pursue makeup as a career, getting a qualifiation through TAFE always looks really good on your resume.

The courses focuses on design and apply makeup application, design and apply make-up for photography and remedial camouflage make-up. It is also possible to attend night makeup classes in Perth through TAFE so if you work full time this is always a good option.

Makeup Artistry Academy


Talking about full time work, if you want a course that is taught online, this is the perfect course to check out. This is a very popular makeup course in Perth as it is run by an industry expert with 13 + years experience in the industry.

It is particularly popular with students who want to start their own small business doing makeup as it is very industry focused and even includes a module focused on running your own makeup business which is very handy.

Artists at Play


Address: 23 View St, North Perth

Phone: 0452 212 500

Rounding up the list of the best courses in makeup in Perth we have included the very popular Artists at Play course. No matter if you are a beginner or experienced at makeup there are a wide variety of courses to fit your needs based on your skill level.

The beginner course is run in the evenings which is great for people who are just starting out and are not quite ready to launch a career in makeup. What holds back other beginner courses is that they are not run after hours which make it very difficult for people to access. They also include a module for those who are interested in getting involved in the bridal industry which is very handy.

If you are looking for a course with only positive reviews, this is a great one to consider as it has only received 5 star reviews on google which gives it a nice little boost of confidence.

Conclusion: Best Makeup Courses in Perth

That rounds up our list of the best of makeup courses in Perth. If you know of any other awesome makeup programs in the area, make sure you leave as a comment below as this information is very useful to our readers.

If you are in the boat that you are looking to complete a course, we would highly advise to careful do your research before selecting a program. As you are paying out some decent coin (some up to $5000 for a makeup course!) you want to make sure the course you select really matches what you want to achieve.

If you are a beginner looking to upskill for Saturday night clubbing you may be looking for a different course focused on different skills than if you are wanting to start a career as a professional makeup artist in Perth. Some courses also focus on certain makeup skills, like airbrushing so it is always advisable to careful research the course before shelling out the cash.

Another thing to take note is that the courses are being taught by professionals who are key players in their industry as this will really set you up for success, especially if you are planning to start your own business.Rest assured, all the courses on this list are carefully vetted and meet that criteria. Now what are you waiting for!

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