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Living the Australian Lifestyle: Why It’s The BEST

Living the Australian Lifestyle: Why It’s The BEST

Have you ever heard about the fantastic Australian lifestyle? To be honest it is one of the main reasons people choose to move to Australia to ‘live the Australian dream’ yes – it isn’t just for you Americans 😉

To Australians, part of the Australian dream is to eventually own a house with a yard (maybe even a custom home!), big enough to have a dog and a pool in the yard for summer but it is so much more than that… so what is it that draws people to move to Australia and that makes the Australian lifestyle so unique and appealing….

Okay, now before I talk about how frickin’ awesome it is down under, I will make a disclaimer that you should also read why Australia is totally boring (and you shouldn’t move here) so you are completely informed in your decision!

Australian lifestyles are however very different to the rest of the world, especially countries that have very long winters. But is it right for you? If you are thinking about being an Aussie or moving to Australia here are some key components and facts of the Australian lifestyle so you can see what Australia is really like, from a local’s eyes.

It’s Always Hot and Has Great Weather

Quite true but it depends where you are based. If you want to live a beach bum lifestyle year round, I would recommend Queensland.

Aside from a few chilly months in winter (think 19 odd degrees) you can pretty much chill out at the beach all year round. Now that is pretty much unheard of in many countries around the world. To give you some idea, there is pretty much no such thing as fall in Queensland, and it has not snowed in Brisbane I think ever. Which in some ways kind of sucks, but if you are a summer gal or guy, you can enjoy loads of activities in Brisbane at night and not even need to bring a sweater!

Heading further South like say Sydney or Melbourne, it gets a little chillier in winter and you can actually see some Autumn colours.


Great Quality of Life

When people tell you Australians have a great quality of life – they seriously are not lying. Australians are paid well. Even in a basic job in Australia you are looking at a minimum wage of $20 an hour which you can live a decent life on.

If Australians find themselves out of work, the government steps in and pays around $500 a fortnight in benefit payments. For this reason, you will very rarely see anyone living on the streets or in poverty. There is also a great health care system in Australia so medical for Australians is free.

In other words Australians are pretty well taken care of. A picture of a delicious meal to illustrate the Australian high life LOL.


Aussies Spend Weekends BBQ-ing at the Beach

The BBQ is an iconic part of the Australian lifestyle. I challenge you to find an Australian who doesn’t enjoy a good BBQ. And if you do it is because they are very bitter. Avoid these people at all costs.

If you would like to get into the Australian “throw another shrimp on the barbie” lifestyle there is plenty of free BBQs in parks and beaches to enjoy. By the way, I have never had shrimp which is an American terminology on a BBQ. If we were to have it, we’d say “throw another prawn on the barbie” but usually we prefer snags (sausages) or beef patties.

If you want to learn more about Australian slang, you can see our guide to Australian sayings. Oh, and you might want to learn what a bogan is because you’ll probably see a few in the park BBQ-ing.

The great part about Australia is because many of our majour towns are located on the coastline, you can BBQ quite easily at the beach. It is pretty nice to be able to spend your weekend basking in the sunshine and heading out for a dip before brekky.


Spending time in Nature

If you love spending time in nature and the great outdoors you will absolutely love Australia. There is seriously so much natural beauty to appreciate and discover in Australia.

If you like nature some of the best things to do in Australia include: visiting the Great Barrier Reef (you can do a great Cairns to Port Douglas Drive), see the Australian Outback and some of our amazing National Parks.


Eating Out is a biggie (There is NO tipping!)

Part of the Australian lifestyle is dining at restaurants. Australians LOVE to dine out. Sometimes I’m amazed how much money Australians have. Australia has GREAT local produce so most of our restaurants are really really good. We also have quite a lot of immigrants so we have great international cuisine with some of the best Indian, Chinese, Italian,Thai and Vietnamese restaurants available in Australia.

In saying that, one great thing about dining out in Australia is that there is no tipping. You don’t need to even feel bad about not leaving a tip. Australians are paid fairly and their wage is calculated into your meal price. I love knowing exactly what I am going to pay in advance of visiting the restaurant – there are no hidden taxes in Australia.

Want some good meal tips? Here are some great restaurants:


Australian lifestyle includes friendly folk

Most Australians are friendly and polite. If an Australian orders from a restaurant or a cafe they will treat the wait staff with respect. There is no “lower class citizens” in Australia.

For example, in America it might be perfectly acceptable at a cafe to say “I’ll take that cake” whereas in Australia you would say “Hi, Could I please have the carrot cake and a coffee”. If you simply said “I’ll take that cake” it may be seen as rude.

If you need directions or simple help, Australians will usually help in a friendly nice manner.

That are pretty laidback

It is well known around the world that Australians are laid-back people who don’t have too many worries and don’t take themselves or others too seriously.

If you are not laidback have a few stubbies to unwind – because in the Australian lifestyle, there’s nothing worse than being uptight!


Young Aussies Love to Party

Young Australians love to go out and party – it is seriously part of the coming of age and Australian lifestyle for under 25s. If you are young and want to live somewhere to party, Australia is a pretty good choice. If you like festivals there are plenty in Australia throughout the year to enjoy.

As Australia is an English colony there is also lots of pubs to enjoy. Australians love to drink and the liquor stores are always brimming with people buying some serious booze on a Friday and Saturday night.

Australia can be pretty dead on a weekday however.  Don’t expect restaurants to be serving after 9pm on a weekday. Australians are weekend party goers and weekends mean serious business.

Australian Lifestyle Cost

Okay lets get down to business, what does it actually cost to live the dream. Well to be honest, Australians have a great quality of life and get helped out, but if you are new to the country living in Australia ain’t cheap….

  • Rent in big city: $300 – $400 per week for a unit within 5km CBD;
  • Food: $150 – $200 per week
  • Petrol: $50 a week
  • Going out costs AKA BBQs, partys etc: $200 a week

I’m probably missing a few things but that gives you some idea of the cost.

So, let us know in the comments below, is the Australian lifestyle the dream or what?!