33 Awesome Things to Do in Bribie Island

Bribie Island is 34 km long island located on the northern part of Moreton Bay, Queensland. The very rarely found white sandy beaches and the natural beauty of the island means there is so many amazing things to do!

The national park covers almost 55.8 sq km area of the island and the Pumicestone passage of the Marine park separates the island from the mainland. If you are planning a weekend getaway with the family, Bribie Island is the best option.

For visiting Bribie island, you should know everything about driving on the ocean beaches and accessing a vehicle permit is a must from the Queensland National Park. The other important thing is the four-wheeled vehicles which would help you to get through most of the areas easily and roam around the different places, in case you are planning a one-day trip.

Tip: If you are in the area, you might like to check out Redcliffe, 1 hour away.

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Things to do in Bribie Island Queensland


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1. Woorim Beach

We mentioned earlier that one of the Moreton Bay islands is Bribie Island. There, relatively close to the bridge linking the island to Brisbane is Woorim Beach.

Of the beaches in the area that are patrolled by vigilantes is the closest to Brisbane. It is the preferred place for swimmers, surfers, walkers, fishermen and families who come to picnic.


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2. Bulcock Beach

If you plan on discovering Bullcock Beach and all it has to offer, plan ahead because there are so many attractions to visit.

A perfect example is Playa Bullcock. a point of interest in Playa Bullcock is that you have to add to your travel schedule.

You can find all the information regarding the place and then travel with a full plan about what to do and what is the right time for the particular places.

Bulcock Beach

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3. Red Beach

The red beach is known for its woolly and wild stretch. The path to the red beach is shrouded by vegetation from the car park.

What you would find here is water, sand and dunes covered by vines with no amenity at all.

It is known as the doggie heaven especially for those dogs who love to walk and swim on the beaches, on-leash or off-leash.

The beach, after a few kilometers, meets the off-leash part of the woorim beach. So, if you are a dog-owner, it is a perfect place for you and your beloved four-legged friend.


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4. National Park and Recreation area

Bribie Island offers wonderful sights to the nature lovers. the spring wildflowers attract many tourists and the place also offers the adventures like boating, fishing, and camping.

There are seven recreation areas that come under Recreation Areas Management Act 2006.

The government maintains and encourages the recreation based on nature and at the same time protects the place and carefully plans to conserve it.

The main recreation areas are Cooloola, Mulgumpin and Inskip Peninsula. In Bribie Island, there are seven recreation areas managed by Queensland Park.

5. Caloundra Street fair

The Caloundra Street fairs are very entertaining for the families. The families get the best opportunities to walk along the seaside on the Bulcock beach.

There are artisans, stalls that are homemade and beautiful products to roam about and not to miss the delicious food stalls.

Adding on to it, the sunset view on the beach will provide you amusement and the tunes of the market brings life to the atmosphere. The market runs from 8am and continues till 1pm.

6. Seaside museum

The seaside museum was opened in 2010 and is one of the most historical museums in Australia.

It is located in Moreton Bay which is home to a plethora of galleries and museums.

This unique modern museum has an astonishing view of the water and pleasing foreshore ideal for a swim or picnic.

There are many events that happened in the museum to attract people such as photography competition, photography workshops, artist talks and many more activities that also for all ages and abilities.

7. Butterfly house

The Bribie Island Butterfly House is one of the most popular tourist destinations for kids and adults.

It is a non- profitable community of zealous people who want to share their knowledge and experience to care for butterflies.

It is found by Ray and Delphine after the sale of their business, Olive Products Australia in 2007.

It includes a 24m x 10m x 4m tunnel house covered in green shade cloth, a darkened entry tunnel, wheelchair access throughout, a breeding laboratory with 10 meters of glass viewing windows, and more.

8. Bongaree Jetty

This is a popular spot on the waters of Bongaree Beach.

You can hire a jetty and try some fishing while enjoying the scoops of ice creams from Scoopy’s. the Barbeque picnics are most enjoyed by the visitors here. while crossing the Bribie Island, Bongaree Jetty is at a very short distance.

You will also see a park on your way from bridge. It is surrounded by sandy beaches from all sides. Kids love to play here in the sand while adults can spend quality time cooking their food on BBQ.

The place offers food stalls as well; there are some takeaway cafes and shops at a small distance. The small playground with swings is quite an attraction for the kids.

If you prefer long romantic walks, then you can go along the beach where it meets the bottom of Bribie Island.

9. Visitor information center

If you are looking for what to do on Bribie Island then visit the Bribie Island visitor information center for assistance. It is located just over the bridge on Bribie and was opened in 1986.

The center is provided with 30 friendly volunteers assisting around 11,000 visitors every year. The staffs provide invaluable hints and tips to roam around the island and help you to make to-do list on the island.

10. Caloundra Lighthouse

The visit to Bribie Island would be incomplete without visiting the Caloundra Lighthouse at Canberra, Caloundra.

Both the lighthouses are open on even Saturdays of the month and the best time to visit is from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

These were built in 1896, so not a spot for the people with light hearts.

You can enjoy the beautiful ocean view from the top of the lighthouse and the Glass House Mountains on the other side. The entry fee would be only $5 for adults and free of cost for children. They also provide complete information about the history of the lighthouses.


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11. Happy valley

Happy Valley is a small town in Fraser Island located in the Fraser Coast region of Queensland. There are only two localities on Fraser Island, one is Happy valley and the other is Eurong.

12. Sylvan Beach

Looking to escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city for a peaceful ambiance?

It would be hard-pressed to pass up Bribie’s beautiful beaches such as sylvan beach, which is one of the most popular beaches due to its safe swimming and friendly features.

It’s a perfect place to come with your family, friends, pets, bucket, and spade to explore its beauty.

The best part is that the volunteer Marine Rescue is on the spot to make us feel secure and the existence of a talking monument that spurts its history.

13. Buckleys hole conservation park

This place is a paradise in itself. It provides the most beautiful view of bird watching.

It is spread over the area of 87.7 hectares with open forest, beach, woodland and freshwater lagoons.

The sight of Black swans, Spotless Crake, and rails can be spot on a regular basis.

The name of the place has a small mythological story behind it. People believe there was a person named Buckley who preferred the deep-water area for the fishing from the off-shore directly.

That area became famous for fishing and referred to as Buckley’s Hole.

14. Poverty creek camping area

Poverty Creek Camping Area is a large, grassy space and a low cost for those wanting a beach doorway.

It is located on the western side of Bribie and the picturesque views over the Glass House Mountains.

It is accessible to the passage for fishing, paddling, and swimming.

Bookings are required for the campsite AND a vehicle access permit.

There is eco dumpsite for portable toilets and water taps (needs to be boiled before drinking). Many sites also have picnic tables.

15. Welsby parade park

It is a newly renovated place and has everything nearby.

You will have a perfect holiday on the waterfront and get access to a backyard for your dog and boat too.

The number of facilities would be provided like free Wi-Fi and air-conditioned bedrooms and dining rooms.

The place would give you a fresh look and adventures like off-road driving, camping, canoeing, and cycling. You can also spend your time golfing and horseriding.

16. Col Fisher Park

It is a lovely quiet place on the left side of the Pumicestone passage. The benefit here is that it is very safe for the kids as the water is shallow and also has a sandy part to play.

The park is spacious enough for big weddings and ball games as well. the view of sunset adds to the beauty of the place.

17. Brennan Park

Brennan Park is at a distance of around 100 meters from Bongaree Jetty above mentioned adventurous spot in Queensland. The facilities provided in the park are numerous such as easy access to the beach, nearby car parking, and clean toilets.

Additionally, the park offers the feast on an electric barbeque, playing equipment and a stage too. Besides it, a proper seating arrangement, a shelter, and a water fountain add on to its beauty.

18. Melsa Park

Melsa park is a place for train lovers.

It is a tradition started by the live steamers and Model engineers and still followed from last 30 years with the same level of popularity and excitement in the travelers.

It is a miniature train that runs 500 meters and delights the passengers with the view of the Melsa park. The appropriate time to ride the train is between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The ride will cost you only $2, so it is of great fun for the kids as well as the adults in the least cost.

19. Leach Park

Leach Park is a lovely open parkland area in Golden Beach that started around the Caloundra Power Boat club.

It is a great path to a healthy walk along with your family and friends peaceful and relaxing, with the calming effect of the ocean. The best part is that it is close to all amenities and shopping.

Dogs are allowed in this park that makes it more suitable for visitors to enjoy.

20. Bribie Island Dog beach


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Bribie Island has a number of dog friendly beaches. The dog beach has off-leash locations starting from Woody Bar to the opposite path going till Koolamara, Benelong Street’s corner.

These dog beaches offers freedom to the dogs provided the dog owners follow the rules of the place. these rules are for the comfort of the visitors only.

The dog owner has to be a person over the age of 16 years and should be competent enough to control the dog in all ways.

The wastes of the dogs should be disposed off in the bins after putting in the suitable disposable bags. the off-leash areas are often around 15 meters away the playground of the kids.

21. Pumicestone National Park

The location of Pumicestone National Park is South east region. It is spread over 164 hectare area. This park is the major habitat of the birdlife and it has around 25 wetlands.

The park is a home to the beautiful birds such as Little term and Isabell Curlew. You can also find the marine life in abundance over the complete path of pumicestone.

The main species found in the place are dolphins and turtles and dugongs even in the days when temperature is high. If you are a fishing enthusiast, the pumicestone passage is the place for you to spend the day while visiting the park.

22. Golden beach

Hugging the shores of Pumicestone passage, Golden beach is the wonderful place with calmest shores attracting the visitors for swimming, boating and fishing.

The playground is quite close it, so it would not bore the kids in any way.

There is a special platform for the boaters. It is also a great place for the people who love adventures. The beach offers many water sports providing a jet ski on rent to people who love to touch the middle of the sea.

Golden beach

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23. Experientia sunshine coast

The sunshine coast is full of adventures and fun. It is the place offering the six different types of adventures keeping together the unique qualities of the nature. People go there for Kayaking and hiking.

Besides this, it has an adventurous spot named Glass House Mountains Discovery. There is a tour of total six hours from Golden Beach to Tirbrogargan.

The path offers bushwalking, hiking, and lunch. It is a great chance to meet new people on the path and enjoy the adventures together. The group of friends enjoys it the most.

24. Mermaid lagoon

Mermaid lagoon is a high tide place which is best for the surfers and not for normal swimmers.

The best way to cool down the heat in the summer is to jump in the mermaid lagoons being very careful, as you would not be patrolled there.

You would notice a constant change in the lagoons with the changing seasons.

In the rainy season, the lagoons get huge and vice versa in winters. Summer is the calling time for the place and people enjoy them by setting up their sunshades and gazebos. If you are crossing by, then it is a good place to hang for some time and relax.

25. Shelly beach

Similarly like the golden beach, Shelly beach is also a calm island which seems to be separated from the rest.

It has quite calm waves and makes the mood more chilly with its calm and quiet sunbakers. People often come here to learn diving enjoying the sight of Blue Gropers in the sea and turkey plodding on the land.

The tables to enjoy the picnic, water fountains and a lot of benches are there to make people comfortable and the place worth visiting.

26. Edwin Schrag lookout

It is located on the southern end of Woorim foreshore. The park is so large in area that it has an access to a number of beaches and it is also a good spot for picnic.

Edwin Schrag Park offers a beautiful view to Moreton Island. You can see a good gathering here especially families and kids. It is also known for its pretty wedding areas.

27. Mission Point camping area

The Mission Point camping area has access through boat only. The boats are protected and travel on the suitable areas.

On your way, there would be around twelve beautiful sites to please your eyes.

The boats are accessed by paying their fees and it is near about $6 per person, offering special discounts to the students.

There are certain rules set for visiting the Mission Point Camping area such as camping in the allotted areas only so that the vegetation is not damaged and keeping yourself to the defined trails.

28. Pirate Park

Your trip would be incomplete if you do not visit Pirate Park.

It is the favorite place for the kids, toddlers, teenagers, and adults. The sight of frontage of beach, it serves a great comfort for the car parking.

Kids enjoy a lot by building the castles and playing with the balls on the sandy area. Adding to the adventure, there is a playground properly fenced with all the playing equipment in it.

29. Bluey Piva Park

Blue Piva Park is not so huge and is located at the Woorim Beach’s entrance. In this park most of the area is open without shade and you can have the view of Moreton island from here.

30. Beerburrum east state forest

These forests are quite close to Brisbane. You can plan an adventurous weekend surrounded by the variety of wildlife.

The main things to do here are horse riding, bike riding on mountain, driving on four-wheel, and trail-bike riding.

You can also choose to go by foot and enjoy the spectacular views. People who love water adventures would not be disappointed, they can go by canoe while exploring the waterways and trying fishing on the way.

31. Visit Fraser Island

Fraser Island is an adventure of all it’s own. One of the best was to explore is if to grab a 4WD and hit the sand tracks. In fact, it’s only possible to negotiate these tracks by a suitable four-wheeled vehicles.

One should know all the instructions and restricted areas before heading to the Fraser Park. The speed limit of 80 km/hr on the beach and 30 km/hr on inland track is preferred.

32. Lions Park, Kings Beach

Lion park is a little piece of heaven and one of the best parks in Queensland. This park is a ceremony site and conducts many events.

It also goes by Bill Morton Memorial Park, Lions Park Kings Beach and Kings Beach Park (South).

This area provides an exercise equipment node beside a playground with a climbing net, climbing ramp and swings. The park also over look Kings Beach, so why not go for a dip.

33. LARC About Amphibious Environmental Tours Base

You can plan a day tour at LARC ABOUT Ambitious Environment tour base.

It represents the historical wildlife and plantations along with the Pumicestone Passage. There is a rural set up that provides a complete relaxation to picnic lovers.

You must visit the place before heading to Caloundra for a different experience and entering into the bustles of the Sunshine Coast.

What to do in Bribie Island?

To conclude, we can say that Bribie Island is suitable for all, whether it is about different tastes or age groups. the families can have the best time of their summer vacations and couples can get a romantic getaways. One thing is guaranteed here, that is entertainment. The best way to head out is to collect all the information before and plan your trip accordingly. It will help you to have an organized vacation.

With all the amazing things to do, what are YOU planning to do in Bribie Island?

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