29 Incredible Things to Do in Redcliffe Queensland

Each place is unique and has its own story and, above all, history. Redcliffe’s history is coloured by three pillars: surf, sun and rugby league. It’s one of the best places to visit in Queensland as there are so many amazing things to do!

Visiting Redcliffe will bring you only fun and a great time. It is such a special place that it is hard to pinpoint just a few things you would do if you were staying there.

Here you will find what we consider the 30 most incredible things to do in Redcliffe.

Tip: If you are nearby, you might want to consider visiting the beautiful Bribie Island, only 1 hour drive away.

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Things to Do in Redcliffe

1.Visit Sutton Beach

Sutton Beach is located on the magnificent Moreton Bay. It features beautiful beaches and gentle waves that will caress the faces of young children and of course, adults.

This beach has its own free parking, patrolled swimming beach, picnic shelters, toilets, bikeways, play equipment and disabled access.

You will feel like you have paradise in your hands with just a glance at the beautiful coastline.

A beach that offers excellent swimming water and several showers to help you wash the salt and sand off after your swim.

suttons beach

2. Go to the Redcliffe Museum

The Redcliffe Museum is a great place for anyone trying to get to know the city a little better.

It includes European history dating from 1799, the first settlement of Queensland 1824-1825, maritime history and indigenous culture.

Through this museum, visitors will get a clear picture of the past of this peninsula and the image of Redcliffe nowadays.


Credit: Moreton Bay Regional Council

3. Settlement Cove Lagoon

In this lagoon, the water is shallow so it is great for small children but as you go and go farther you reach a place which is ideal only for those experienced swimmers as it reaches a deeper part so it is not recommended for young children because it exists a danger to them.

There are great places to play for the little ones. This area has many lizards made of bricks and fountains made of mushrooms.

While your kids are playing you have the opportunity to sit on the benches that are often known to be on the hills for a better view of the lagoon and of course for those who want to watch the kids play. Next to the lagoon is a children’s playground which includes a sand play area, swings and a slide.

Credit: Flickr

4. Redcliffe Botanical Gardens

The perfect place for those who want to get away from the noise of the day and go to a more peaceful place where they can find their peace.

This place is especially ideal for those who want to picnic. Also, its beauty will serve as a wonderful decoration for your celebration and perfect place no matter the weather.

An ideal place for peace, tranquility, natural beauty and a place to read your favorite book.


Credit: Flickr

5. Visit Restaurant La Lanterna

The best and first restaurant in Redcliffe dedicated entirely to Ligurian traditional cuisine. Who said Redcliffe wasn’t fancy, ay?

In this restaurant, you can find freshly prepared homemade pasta and seafood caught fresh daily from Moreton Bay.

They serve all kinds of Italian cuisine and also cater for gluten-free dietary requirements.

Keep this restaurant on your radar – especially are are fond of vegetarian dishes and dairy products.

Credit: Tripadvisor

6. Shop Along the Redcliffe Waterfront

Those who are passionate shoppers and cannot do without shopping every day will love to shop along the Redcliffe waterfront which has gone a little bit fancy.

There are all kinds of shops that can satisfy the tastes and budgets of pretty much everyone. You’ll find clothing stores, gem stores, and souvenir stores.

Fresh local and seafood markets are also very popular. Here you will find everything from snacks to food trucks, handmade gifts, and luggage, so there is something for everyone.

7. Redcliffe Festival

The Council orgnasises smaller events all throughout the year, but if you only have the chance to visit one event this year, it’s the Redcliffe Festival held each September.

The festival celebrates Redcliffe’s history as the first European settlement in Queensland.

The festival is predominantly held in the Redcliffe CBD. The city cordons off the streets from traffic for a big parade.

Attractions also include such as KiteFest, the Jetty Fiesta, KiteFest live and Spring Break party.

8. Redcliffe Peninsula

The Redcliffe Peninsula lies between Petri and Kippa-Ring and encompasses Clontarf, Margate, Woody Point, Newport, Kippa Ring, Rothwell, Scarborough and Deception Bay.

Redcliffe remains the crown jewel of the peninsula: a historical seaside town with iconic jetty. The seafront is more of a reflection of the town’s European roots: more akin to Brighton, England than Brisbane.

You can walk the whole stretch if you have enough time (and you’re willing to negotiate the pedestrian-friendly portions of the Redcliffe overpass bridge.

It starts 200m north of Petri Train Station. This line consists of 6 stations such as Kalangour, Murumba Downs, Mango Hill, Mango Hill East, Rothwell, and Kipa Ring.

This line was officially opened on October 3, 2016, and was first proposed 130 years ago.

The first train departed from Kippa-Ring with the Prime Minister, and the train was called 285 and 295 SMU.


Credit: Flickr

9. Attend the Most Famous Rugby Competition

Rugby League is the most popular sport in Queensland and Redcliffe has one of the richest rugby-league cultures in the world.

If you’re in town around a weekend, you should really consider watching a game of rugby league. These boys hit hard!

Famous alumni of the local team include Australian representative Petero Civoniceva and Arthur Beetson.

The Redcliffe Dolphins Rugby League was first established on February 27, 1947, and players under the age of 17 were admitted in the first year of its establishment. On November 19, 1959, the Dolphins was granted full club status.

Many famous players joined the team during the 1960s to represent Queensland and Australia.Some of those players are Trevor Harken and Arthur Batson.

Redcliffe won the Brisbane Rugby League Premiership for the first time in 1965. The club went on to win the Premier League in 1994 and 1996 and made it to the seventh Grand Final of the Queensland Cup, becoming the most successful team in the competition.

10. See the best AFL Club in Redcliffe

Australian Football or Aussie Rules is a game like no other around the world. Although it’s most popular in the southern states, AFL is gaining popularity in Queensland too.

Visit the most famous Australian Rules club in Redcliffe, the Redcliffe Tigers.

They aren’t a part of Australia’s top Aussie Rules competition – the AFL – but it means there’s more chance for you to get a ticket to watch a truly unique and spectacular game of sport.

Home games are played in a Redcliffe suburb in south-east Queensland. In the last few years, there has been a change in the playing line.

11. Visit the War Memorial Pool

It is an extremely beautiful pool that offers service to all generations.

The pool facilities include a fully enclosed 50 metre Olympic-size heated pool, baby wading pool, playground equipment, two indoor heated learn to swim pools, wheelchair accessible play equipment, change room and poolside hoist, 18.3 metre heated learn to swim pool, barbeque facilities, undercover grandstand, and coaching and training programs.

This indoor complex also features a 50m Olympic swimming pool and an 18m swimming pool ideal for family-friendly people who want to spend their free time.

Here you will enjoy the beautiful 34-degree warm water, but not only this beautiful area offers great picnic conditions for those who want a little different fun and enjoyment with friends as well as an unforgettable barbecue.

12. Fishing in Redcliffe

It can certainly be said that this would be one of your favorite attractions and activities to do while staying at Redcliffe.

This place has breathtaking beaches where you can fish for hours and relax first and foremost.

These beaches along the forests are suitable for fishing as they are not surf so one can say that they are extremely calm waters and the structure of the water is such as to provide good fish nutrition.

Here they can deal with fishing and the most common people, ie those who have no knowledge of the area as the water is calm and there is no danger of dragging it down.

Famous fish here are Flathead, Whiting, and Bream and can be used as bait to catch live worms, amulets, bats, whitefish and shrimp.


13. Jumping Pillow in Pirate Park

If you are a fan of this sport this is definitely the place for you.

If you still have energy besides the pirate park back in the parking lot there is a jumper pillow for you and your children.

This has become a hit in recent years where age is no longer seen, but only the joys and pleasures of the people who come out of this park.

14. Eat in World Class Restaurants

It is a pity if you come and go from this place and not visit at least one or two restaurants that offer great dishes.

More famous restaurants in this place are Suttons Beach Pavilion, La lanterna, My Greek cuzina and more.
Here you will taste the best dishes from all over the world, whether traditional, modern or seafood.

15. Bee Gees Way

You can find the Bee Gees Way at a Redcliffe parade named after a celebrity band coming from Redcliffe.

Everyone will want to go this route no matter the years revealing the history of the three brothers.At the end of this strip is a bronze statue.

Many visitors and admirers are standing by the statue itself.

16. Places to Shop in Redcliffe

As with any place we visit, there are plenty of shops to visit and shop for.By far the most famous place is Firefront where there are many clothing stores, various art stores, gems, in a word it can be said to be a place where you can collect a bunch of seafood or souvenirs.

The most famous mall in Kippa-Ring.

This store also has clothing stores, food stores, and a food court. This place is great for film making as there is a cinema complex.

Another major mall is the Bluewater Square Shopping Center. Located in the heart of Redcliffe, it has its own parking lot so you won’t have to waste time around your car. There are also separate toilets and a place where you can tidy up your baby.

17. Redcliffe Farmers and Artisan Markets

Visit the market that has become very popular in recent years.

As you get closer you will know that this market is one of many stalls lined up next to each other. Here you will find food, fresh produce, art, unique clothing, and interesting gifts.

What you must not miss is that this market has live music that resonates even offshore. You will find this wonderful experience only in this place and nowhere else.

18. Visit the Airport

Visit Redcliffe’s most famous airport.It is 7 meters above sea level and has only one runway.

On the runway, very low-intensity lights are activated so that night operations can be carried out smoothly.

There is no tower here to coordinate, but pilots themselves must coordinate aircraft movements using common traffic frequency.

At this airport, there are hours of training for new students and aircraft maintenance facilities serving the region.

Other training organizations include Aeropower (Helicopters), Queensland Helicopter School (Helicopters), Air Queensland (Aircraft), Fly Now (Aircraft) and Bob Tait’s Theory School.

19. Cycling in Redcliffe

Enjoy the nature that Redcliffe offers you and invite your friend on a bike ride around the place.

The fresh air you breathe while driving will be an indispensable good experience from both sports and a medical perspective as health is paramount.

The easiest way to discover the beautiful big mountains and beautiful coastline.

20. Visit Redcliffe Beach

Although this place can be said to be not very ideal for swimming, it does not necessarily mean that it swims in any water.

There are many activities you can do outside the water that is fun for you.

However, this is no reason not to visit the beach up close and enjoy its beauty.

Invite friends, grab some food and drink and make a little party by the shore enjoying the beautiful and unforgettable coastline.


Credit: Flickr

21. Cinema in Redcliffe

If you are a big fan of the beautiful film or written word here and there is certainly a place where you can enjoy your hobby.

Redcliffe has more cinemas offering different films of different genres.
Whether it’s a comedy, a tragedy, or a romance, it’s always open to those who know how to respect others but also their feelings that will be foretold through the film.

The most famous theaters in Redcliffe are Mousetrap Theater Company and Hoyts.

22. Go to the Musical Theatre

Visit the extraordinary theater that was founded in 2009 in the Moreton Bay region.
In this theater, young people are allowed to show their abilities in the field of actors, singers, dancers, directors, and technicians.

This project involved almost all residents, whether they were part of the crew or as inaugural crew in August 2019.

It can be said to be a charity since all the money raised is donated to nursing homes, outpatient clinics, families and nursing homes throughout the city.

It is because of this charity that they have been supported by many businesses and the general public.

23. Eat Thai

Anyone who has visited the peninsula knows that it is inevitable to try Thai food and the famous JD Thai restaurant.

This food highlights lightly prepared dishes with very strong aromatic components.

Traditionally this food was eaten by hand sitting on the ground, but we know that it is impossible to have any details in a restaurant, only the smell of their cuisine will take you to paradise.

In this restaurant, you will find excellent delicious food and a very well-chosen menu complete with the top-notch atmosphere.

Other popular restaurants to visit with Thai cuisine include Pemai Ta, Thai Thai, Thai Cottage, Cob Thai Cuisine, Baan Hai Thai Restaurant, Cao Sun Thai Restaurant and many more.

24. Watch a Play by Redcliffe Padres

The Redcliffe Padres baseball club is the largest Redcliffe baseball club and the second largest in Australia by 2011.

The club uses two 2009-2010 uniforms, one for the junior league with a single gray shirt with red sleeves and tights and the second one is a senior uniform with red tubes around the neck and the name written on white.

Both juniors and seniors are wearing red socks and the cap is red only with the letter P written in white indicating the club they are known for.

So of course, in any case, it would be a disadvantage to visit Redcliffe and not to look at least a part of this fantastic club.

25. Watch the sunset from Redcliffe Beach

The beauty of the sunset is that you can never run into two. Those who wish to enjoy such a cathartic moment, to be able to relate to the colored horizon and purity of Mother Nature, always stir up feelings within themselves.

No matter where you travel and how much budget you have, watching the sunset is a real show every night, no matter where you are, especially if you are on Redcliffe beaches.

There is some magic that is created when the sun goes down. The world looks like it is shining in brilliant color.

26. Romantic Seaside Dinner

Do you want to plan a memorable dinner for someone you care about?

If you’re new to dating, you might want to dine in an intimate restaurant in town just to make the moment special, but when you’re in the long run, you may want to try each new place together to keep the relationship exciting and fresh and the best for it is by the seaside just when the sunsets.

A romantic dinner date can be fun, exotic, adventurous, cheap and even expensive, but what matters for each meeting is when you think about how much fun that night was and how much you got together with another.

Order wine and you’ll feel comfortable and romantic in the warm, soft glow of dim lights and smooth music around you that will stir your feelings.

This is a very simple idea. No-fuss, no problems … Just memories.

27. Picnic in Redcliffe

Use the weekend sun to organize a picnic with friends and relatives.

These meetings are usually spontaneous and consist of fast-cooking meals and refreshments such as mini sandwiches, slices of cheese and vegetables with sauce, frozen fruit, homemade lemonade. And it’s all packaged and served in an interesting way, with colorful accessories and nails with an interesting print.

Mix more varieties of colorful blankets, aprons or rugs to make an attractive seating collage. Guests do not want to get dirty, so make sure there are enough seating blankets and let the first layer be waterproof.

Always have the option of extra fun, especially for kids, such as social games, badminton, frisbees or playing cards.

You can make lemon, watermelon or cucumber water at home and serve it with lots of ice. Or you can freeze forest fruits and use them instead of ice cubes. If you are serving wine, choose light varieties such as musk or rose. Make a list of drinks according to guests’ preferences and always have soft drinks.

28. Rotary Park

Rotary Park covers an entire city block or 2.14 acres and is located in an older residential neighborhood.

This is a very beautiful green park that is endowed with beautiful greenery, fresh air, and a beautiful atmosphere so that you can spend your time there in the best possible way.

There is a large grassy area with two baseball diamonds, six individual picnic areas so you can spend time with your family in the best possible way, and a group picnic barbecue that can seat more than 75 people.

29. Enjoy the food and wine festival

First of all, this festival is for people who enjoy good food and, above all, good wine.

Be prepared because this festival lasts a whole week so you will have time to try out all the specialties the Redcliffe kitchen offers. The festival brings together top chefs and many celebrities.

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