33 Epic Things to do in Agnes Waters Queensland

Looking for things to do in Agnes Waters in Queensland?

Agnes Water is a small town located on the east coast of Australia, south of Gladstone, close to the Great Barrier Reef.

Agnes Waters is the quintessential surfer destination on the East Coast.

The best time to visit Agnes Waters  is between May and July to enjoy a more pleasant weather. It is best to stay in this city and then drive 8 km to the small town “1770”.

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Things to do in Agnes Waters

Calm waves, warm waters and empty beaches, away from the crowds of the south, Agnes Water is perfect for surf initiates.

Nearby there is the Eurimbula National Park, which shows landscapes of the southern bush. It is famous for its fishing and 4×4 itineraries. I advise you to bring insecticide, because sand fly insects are aggressive in this region.

If you want a unique experience and you like motorcycles; you can even join a bike gang tour. Backpackers often love this activity that consists of putting themselves in the shoes of a biker on the back of a mini harley davidson, in the company of a guide who knows the best places from which to observe the best fauna around.


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Scooteroo motorcycle tour

For those looking for adrenaline, there are several options to increase your heart rate without emptying your wallet.

The Scooteroo is one of the most famous tours of the region, where a group goes riding a motorcycle chopper on local roads, accompanied by the company’s guides, because even travelers who have never been on a motorcycle, can participate.


Other Available Tours & Fun Things to do

It is also possible to schedule a ride on the beach, and have kite surfing lessons, catch waves with a kayak or try a few strokes of stand up paddle, in the beautiful and calm waters of 1770, perhaps even with the company of dolphins.

For surfers heading north, or even for those who want to take surf lessons for very little, it’s good to take advantage of the last beach with good waves on the east coast, on a paradisiacal beach and away from the crowds.

If you are interested in exploring more of the region’s natural beauty, take a walk through the forest to enjoy spectacular views, or you can try something even more incredible and venture out on the tour known as The Castaway, one of the coolest on the entire east coast.

On this tour, a small plane takes passengers to Middle Island, a small desert island near 1770, with a right to land on the beach and activities to explore the almost untouched nature of the island.


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Eurimbula National Park

Mangrove wetlands and eucalyptus forests delimit the unspoiled beaches of Eurimbula National Park in Agnes Water, where visitors can explore beauty of Australia while discovering this country for its coastal wonders.

The mix of virgin plant varieties and botanicals attract hordes of wildlife, and with that, the park protects miles of coastal vegetation.

You can take a quiet getaway, relax on the beach, or lure for fishing and boating.

Nature lovers like to camp out and spend more time viewing the park’s various wildflowers and wildlife, including mighty owls, and turtles, while others may choose to explore the terrain by following one of the trails or venture into a field trip.

Many travelers choose to picnic on the boardwalk for a relaxing experience.

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Survivor Camp

If you are looking for an extreme adventure in Australia, this is a perfect tour for you.

They will take you by boat to a remote island, where they will let you survive for three days and two nights with other fun seekers.

Under the direction of a camp supervisor, you are free to do what you want and what it takes to prosper in the wilderness. Relax or join the activities, it’s up to you.

Boat transfers back to Middle Island with Camping equipment and drinking water is provided. Enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, sandboarding, and more.


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Beach Fishing or a fishing tour

If you are looking for a unique fishing adventure, Agnes Beach is the right place for you.

Here you can fish from the surf beach.You can fish here as the water is calm comparatively.

Let’s not forget the abundance of mud crab in the area.

The sturdy polycraft boats and kayaks are useful to fish around the mangroves and see the small streams. There are plasters nets so you can catch live bait; crab pots for hunting crabs. If you are a tough fisherman, you will want to bring your own fishing gear.

For easier fishing, pull out one of the kayaks or speedboats that fish at the entrances.

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The Town of 1770, in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region, is known as the Birthplace of Queensland as Captain James Cook made his 2nd Australian landfall here in the year 1770.

For a trip you will never forget, board the pink LARC, an amphibious craft that will take you for a ride across deserted sandy beaches and pristine estuaries as you make your way to the isolated Bustard Head Lighthouse located within Eurimbula National Park.

You’ll hear the tales of tragedy and triumph as early white settlers and lighthouse keepers struggled to tame this remote wilderness.

You will see some of the prolific wildlife that inhabits the area and you will gasp in awe at the spectacular panoramic view from the historic Bustard Head Lighthouse.

Credit: Town of 1770

Hire a bicycle

Hiring the bicycle would be the most convenient option to travel between seventeen seventy and the main beach, in case you do not have a car. The rent of bicycle per day would be around $30 and $20 for four hours.

Visiting the Agnes Water Museum

Agnes Water museum is the best thing for history buffs, even the fanatics of the maritime would find it fascinating.

The museum represents the history of Agnes Water and the Discovery Coast. You would find the maritime pieces which they have been collecting since 1952.

Not only this, there is also a log book that belonged to Captain Cook as per the information of the museum.  The entry to the museum is $3 for the adult while there is no fee for kids.

Relax at the beach

Return to agnes water and, to rest from the effort, nothing better than laying out a towel on the beach at Agnes Water and relax.

Coast Markets

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month, you can enjoy the discovery coast markets at SES Ground.

The place is located between Agnes Waters and 1770 and is mostly crowded with people.

It has a number of stalls selling different types of things such as used books, plants, beauty products and toiletries. Here you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits to eat.

Swimming at the beach

Agnes Beach is the best place for the swimming learners. This 5 km long beach meets the Round hill which is in the north direction of Agnes.

You would find the place quite busy in the peak season; families often come here to enjoy their vacations especially with the pets, as it is dog-friendly beach.

But you have to put your dog on leash for people’s comfort as per the rules of the place. it is also a good place for kids to swim, there is complete supervision by the authorities.


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Chinaman’s Beach

Chinaman’s beach is a heavenly place with less crowd and beautiful views. You can drive from Agnes Water town heading towards south to reach here.

Further going towards the desalination road, you will cross Spring’s road and find the way to Chinaman Beach on its left side.

The beauty of the place is so much that it’s irresistible to jump in the water. Not only swimming, the place is also perfect for fishing.

If you are an early bird, you can catch up the best moments of sunrise, as the gate opens at 6:00am.

Unlike Agnes Beach, there is no patrolling here so you have to be very careful for the kids and yourself while swimming. However, it is dog-friendly as long as they are on leash.

Shower at the Springs Beach

There is a sandy road on the opposite of the Springs road which takes you towards the Springs Beach. It is a very beautiful beach and quite appropriate for surfing. You can also have a relaxing shower here but have to be very careful as it not patrolled.

Red rock Walking trail

In your extra time, you can walk along the coast and the beaches to Red Rock. It is around three hours journey and you have to follow the same path while coming your way back.

Paperbark Forest

It is a 400 m long trail with the scenic beauty of paperbark tea trees, with the habitat of wildlife, butterflies and birds.

The whole route is made up of wooden walkways and stepping stones.

The sight is also good for wildlife photographers and nature lovers. it is advised to carry a bug spray with you to be safe from the mosquitoes. It is better to visit the place during day and before sunset.

Spot Local wildlife

To spot the local wildlife, you have to go the finishing point of the Spring road.

The best time when you can have the sight of kangaroos and wallabies is early in the morning or at dusk.

These are not to be missed species, especially the ones who have their little babies carrying in their pouch. It is better to approach quietly near them and click good pictures but they should not be scared and respected with their space.


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The kayak tour

Agnes Waters give you the opportunity to have a fun-filled Kayak tour on your own Kayak.

You will see headland and beaches where you can spot some friendly wildlife, dolphins and turtles.

Captain cook’s spot and Joseph Bank conservation area are two other spots worth visiting on Kayak. It will also give you the opportunity to have the sight of beautiful sunset.

Yummy Aussie Pies

The Aussie Pies at the Agnes Water bakery are such a delight to the stomach. The bakery is quite famous for selling the most delicious pies and is always crowded because of obvious reasons.

The selling is not limited to the pies only you can also have some fresh bread and tasty sweets. You can easily find the location of the bakery at Round Hill road.

Lady Musgrave Island

The best place for the day-trip at Agnes Water is the Lady Musgrave Island. It is located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef and you can reach there by cruise which will take 90 minutes to reach.

Spend your day peacefully there by snorkeling, swimming and enjoy the beautiful underwater life by diving into the sea.

Lady Musgrave Island would offer you an opportunity to spend the joyful day starting from morning tea and ending at sunset.


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Boutique shops

There are plenty of boutique shops at Agnes Water. You would see different types of colorful clothes there and that too within your budget. It would be the favorite thing for those who love to shop.

Sandbanks at Round Hill Creek

At the top of the Eurimbula National Bank, there form the sandbanks with the low tides. The beautiful types of birds add to the beauty of the view. Some also prefer renting a boat and paddle all the way in the waters of the Creek.

1770 beach

If you are not a lover of water sports, then seventeen seventy beach is the best place for you. There are no waves at the beach and hence no water activities. The sandbanks at the front protect the beach. You can enjoy the calm place by having a shower or relax just by sitting there.

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Cook’s Monument

Cook Monument is located at 1770 town; you can easily find it near the Captain Cook Drive. It is a good place to swim also for fishing.

At a walking distance of around two km, you can go to Round Hill Head where you can have the spectacular view of water, surrounding areas and forest.

Another best thing here is the Blue Tiger butterflies. Starting from March till June, you can see thousands of butterflies at the 1770 Butterfly Walk.

It is a 20 minutes walkway which starts from Captain Cook Monument. Make sure that you have your camera handy so that you can click lots of pictures of that rare sight.

Headland Lookout

The two main walkouts are around 100 m and 350 m long, you can choose anyone of them. On your way, you will see stunning views, provided you are wearing good comfortable shoes.

The best time to go is the afternoon and you can follow the trail to nay of the beaches. It will offer you beautiful views of the coastline.

Goolimbil Walkabout

At the Goolimbil Walkabout, you would love the adventurous time while experiencing the hunting and traditional living in the Eurimbula National Park.

The experience would remind you of the James Cook times and give you the feel of Queensland’s heritage.

Enjoy the Live Music

The Agnes Blue Roots and Rocks Festival make the town worth visiting with their live music. In the month of February, which is the peak season every year, the towns 1770 and Agnes Water have the celebration for three days and are converted into the musical heaven.

The live music show is held at SES Grounds. During the day time, there are musical workshops and the markets. You would enjoy the delicious food stalls while at night you can dance to the beats of music.

Watching Whales breach

Another fascinating sight is the whales in the sea during the months of July to October. It is better to carry your binoculars with you and see the way whales teach their little ones to breach and blow.

There is a fifteen minutes walking path from Sir Raphael Cilento towards the seventeen seventy headland.

The views of the ocean and the Bustard Bay are unforgettable. If you want to add more beauty to the experience, you must start early in the morning and enjoy the chorus of local kookaburras during sunrise.

The Garden Café

This local café offers the best Campos Coffee and locally made sweets.

It is a tropical escape that takes you towards the teak doors that are handcrafted leaving behind the beaches. Their delicious vanilla slices are best and are known as Best at Discovery Coast. Have a seat in the open area while viewing the tranquil lily pond and savor the delicacies.

Glamp Beachside

The Agnes Water Beach Holidays is the best place for glamping lovers. it is a few steps away from the Agnes Beach.

The nature lovers would have their best time while sleeping under the stars and hearing the pleasing sounds of the waves crashing from the beachside in the safari tents.

The facilities provided under the tents are double beds, freezers, fridges and private decks offering the heavenly ocean views.

Coastal Hike

Hiking is another adventure at the rocky trails which is three km long and offers the scenic views all along the way. you must carry a backpack and carry your essentials in it for your comfort. If you are visiting during November or December, you might be lucky enough to see the nesting turtles.

Sailing tours

The sailing tours offers the view of natural beauty of seventeen seventy town while sailing in the high-speed catamaran.

The waters are quite calm and weather is quite perfect to go into the middle of the sea. You can have the best time with your family and friends and have the relaxing experience.

The sailing would offer you to have a very closer look at the turtles, dolphins and rich diversity of fish.

Deepwater National Park

The Deepwater National Park has a diverse vegetation including sedgelands, eucalypt woodlands, coastal scrubs surrounding Deepwater creek.

The creek water is seemed to be stained as brown by the tannins surrounding the heath plants. There are tall forests of cabbage palms, mahogany and paperbark in the creek.

The place is divided into section which has paperbark forest at one side and reed bed on the other. There is no regular flow of water in this area, except the wet season.

Deepwaters are the habitat of diverse birdlife such as honeyeaters, black-cockatoos with red tails, brahminy kites, emus and water birds.

The turtles also form their nests in the deepwaters in the month of October to April. The eggs are hatched in the month of January at night time usually.

1770 Foreshore

The Foreshore of seventeen seventy is such a beauty and one can spend the whole day there by enjoying the scenic beauty at the beach. It is a habitat of lots of seabirds such as terns, sea gulls, pelicans and cormorants.

Where to Stay in Agnes Waters and Town of 1770?

Agnes Waters offer a large number of accommodation options, you can also choose in the town of seventeen seventy.

While choosing the accommodation, you must keep in mind the places you want to visit at priority and the things you want to do.

It would help you choose a nearby place or a place that is at the centre of the major attractions, so that you can save much time and spend the time by enjoying the specialties of the place.


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