18 Fun Things to do in Mt Isa, QLD, Australia

Looking for fun things to do in Mt Isa Queensland?

We have you covered with 18 of the best activities in Mt Isla that include activities, food and bars!

Mt Isa Tourist Attractions: Fun Things to do in Mt Isa

Heywood Granite Mine

About 15 minutes’ drive away from Mt Isa, the Heywood Granite mine is a place with rock boulders, granite slabs and stunning outback sceneries.

You can drive into the mine with any safe vehicle but be careful on the road since some roads only allow for a single car pass. When you go through a red gate, you’ll have entered the mine.

From there, you can hike up the granite rock hill. Be sure to stock up your water bottles and sunscreen for the trip. You can gaze at the beautiful outback from high up the hill.

Old Mary Kathleen Mine

Nestled in the Selwyn Range, around 55km from Mt Isa, this ghost town was once a mining town but it was closed when the uranium reserves were all used up.

Now, Old Mary Kathleen Mine is an interesting place to visit near Mt Isa. To see the open cut uranium mine, you need to travel a further 5km from the Mt Isa town.

The open cut mine is now filled with a clear blue water and has been dubbed “Little Blue Lake”. But beware to not go for a dip into the water as it’s somewhat radioactive. Definitely one of the best Mt Isa things to do.

Hard Times Mine

These mines in the 19 Marina Street are a museum of sorts and tell the history of mining and how it’s done.

The tour will leave you with a resounding experience and information about mines. For the 2.5-hour tour, you’ll be fitted into mining gear and a head lamp and you will descend into a mine that has fuming, roaring as well as rattling machinery – mining stuff –, a crib room (lunch room) and tunnels.

The mines are open till 5:00pm every day, even the weekends, so drop by before then for a good experience with mining.


One of the Mines in Mt Isa. Credit: Denis Bin

Mt Isa City Lookout

Open 24/7, the Mt Isa City Lookout is right in the centre of Mt Isa and you can catch 360-degree views of the town below from there.

The lookout is just a short walk up the hill and you can find it at Lookout Road. It’s a nice place to take a picnic and eat food while enjoying the views of town.

Plus, the night views of Mt Isa are fabulous. The City Lookout is definitely worth a visit if you’re in or near the heart of Mt Isa.

Mount Isa Rodeo

In the middle of Mt Isa, you will find the Mt Isa Rodeo venue with various rodeo competitions for cowboys and cowgirls throughout the year.

Staging competitions since 1959, the rodeo, it best shows the culture and spirit of Mt Isa and the Queensland Outback.

There, you can take part or witness Bull Riding, Rope & Tie, Team Roping, Ladies Barrel Racing and Ladies Breakaway Racing and Poddy Riders (for kids age 8 to 13) and so much more. All these events require the contestants to ride an animal, be it a furious bull or a tame cow.

Lake Moondarra

17km from the centre of Mt Isa towards the North, this artificial lake is located on the Leichhardt River and is one of the reasons why Mt Isa is called the ‘oasis of the outback’.

It’s a refreshing attractive with so much to do! You can swim in the lake, take a canoe out to its blue surface, sit on the bank for some good old fishing or enjoy a picnic with nature.

You can befriend the local peacocks, pelicans and other birds. Be sure to stay till evening for its spectacular sunsets, it’ll be worth your time.

Riversleigh Fossil Centre

This Fossil centre in Outback in Isa is a museum for prehistoric animals and plants. Open everyday till 5:00pm, the museum holds fossil exhibits, videos and dioramas of prehistoric plants and animals.

The centre provides education for the Riversleigh World Heritage Site located in the Lawn Hill National Park. The fossil fields there have many interesting fossil deposits that are tell the story of the megafauna from about 30 million years ago.

If you love animal and plant history, you’ll enjoy a tour of the Riversleigh Fossil Centre. The models of ancient animals will appeal to you.

Underground Hospital

In Camooweal Street at Mornington, this heritage-listed attraction was once a public hospital. It was built in 1942 from March to April.

The underground hospital, the museum and the last tent house in Mt Isa are worth visiting if you’re in the neighbourhood.

These locations are a testament of Mt Isa’s history and tell tales about the time of the war. They also tell about how the first hospital came into existence and its extension. It’s only open to the public on Saturdays from 3:50pm to 5:30pm so come early to join in on the fun.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Telstra Hill

Open 24/7, this park is located in the east of Mt Isa. There’s no signpost leading to the hill so you will need to be on the lookout for a big telephone tower which will lead to the old bitumen road that leads up the hill.

It’s a good spot for walkers looking for fantastic views and photographers go there specially to snap shots of the natural sights.

If you’re thinking of going, be sure to pack some good running shoes since the path – around 3km long from the first gate to the hill’s base – has potholes in it.

Cafes in Mt Isa

Mt Isa has a strong cafe culture, if you enjoy a coffee you will be right at home here. Here are some of the best cafe spots in Mt Isa.

Bambino EspressoServing the town of Mt Isa since 2013, Bambino Espresso is the place to be if you want delicious coffee, healthy smoothies and juices and mouth-watering treats.

They have good servers and the café atmosphere is friendly and comforting. Be sure to try the café’s chorizo and cheese omelette along with the many drinks – hot, cold, smoothies and juices – they serve.

The food is slightly costly but it tastes good so it’s worth the expense. If you’re a smoothie fan, be sure to try the Green Energy made with greens, pineapple, banana and other vegetables and fruits.


Credit: Bambino Espresso IG

The Xtra MileOpen through Monday to Friday from 6:00am to 2:00pm and Saturday from 7:00am to 12:00pm, this little café is a sweet retreat from frolicking in town.

Everything at the café is homemade with fresh and pure ingredients and the menu has dishes for people looking for gluten-free or allergy-orientated food.

The café believes in healthy eating so all dishes are prepared with ingredients rich in vital nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Plus, their coffee and other drinks are to die for! From Turmeric Latte to simple flat coffee, you will enjoy each and every drink you order.

Brew & Scoop – Amid the heat of Mt Isa, this café is a cool haven, owning to its air conditioners – and is well-known throughout the neighbourhood as the go-to coffee and ice-cream shop.

They serve various flavours of ice-cream like Pink Lemonade and good old strawberry and they even have ice cream filled in waffle cones.

The service is nice and friendly and the desserts like cake covered with heaps of cream are worth trying while the coffee is great, especially if you love it bitter. Not a coffee person? No worries, the café serves other drinks like tea too.

Sweet Tooth Gelato – Australia can be hot in the summer so to cool off on your trip, you can visit this cozy and kid-friendly ice-cream parlour in Mt Isa.

It may be a bit hard to find at first but the trouble is well worth it. It has premium ice-cream that comes in many flavours from simple vanilla to caramel and you choose from a wide variety of toppings.

The place is nice and is open all week but the timings can vary. Its ice-cream can be a bit expensive so stock up your wallet if you’re planning to visit.

Restaurants and Bars in Mt Isa

After a full day sightseeing in Mt Isa, you are going to be pretty hungry. Here are the top restaurants and bars in Mt Isa that we would recommend.

Buffs Club –  This community club in the centre of Mt Isa is a place for both adults and kids alike that is open from 8:00am to 3:00am.

You can enjoy have grilled food at the Frog & Toad Bar & Grill for a nice lunch – its steak is said to be really tasty – or head over to its Boomerang Coffee for a cup of delicious coffee with breakfast.

Aside from the food and good service, you can have fun in the club’s spot’s bar or gaming lounge. For children, the club has a designated area with fun stuff.


Image Credit: Buffs Mt Isa

Mt Isa Irish Club  Blessing the town with their services since 1956 on St Patrick’s Day, this Club has everything for everyone.

It’s open everyday form 10:00am to 9:00pm and has three main places where you can eat food, a fitness centre and it also doubles as a hotel.

For dinner, the Keanes Bar & Grill will have everything you can wish for while the Buffet is the place to go if you like open buffet style restaurants. One of its kind, the club’s Tram Stop Coffee is a café in an actual tram with seating arrangements. It’s coffee and cake are worth ordering!

Rodeo Bar & Grill –  On the ground floor of Isa Hotel, this rodeo style Bar & Grill is considered a modern streak house with a stylish cowboy apparel and tantalizing dishes.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner all seven days a week from 8:00am to 9:00pm along with both indoor and outdoor entertainment.

Aside from the food, the Bar & Grill has an open style kitchen, which displays pizza ovens as well. The restaurant can only seat 200 people at a time so you will need to reserve a table via a phone call if you’re planning on visiting.

Grants Cakes & Pies – Considered the best bakery in Mt Isa, Grants Cakes & Pies open from 6:00am to 4:30pm from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays.

The bakery sells fresh and delicious bread and different types of pies like egg pies, meat pies, curry pie that has mash and peas in it.

Their sausage rolls made with sausages and pastry dough and spinach and cheese triangles are really great. The cake there, no matter what kind like vanilla or chocolate, is mouth-watering and a slice of heaven on plate so be sure to try some when you visit.

Outback at Isa Café – Outback is the go-to place where homemade food is thought of as the finest delicacy and served in style.

Everything is fresh and the menu has everything from fish and chips, scones, cakes, quiche, salads to zucchini and sweet potato eggs benny. They also serve various drinks like simple coffee, iced coffee, vanilla shake and cappuccino.

The atmosphere is nice and comfortable while the staff is friendly and treats their customers with a smile. Its price is average and a simple breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast costs around $10 and it’s enough for two people.

Brisbane to Mt Isa – How to Get There

Planning to visit Mt Isa from Brisbane? You might want to reconsider as it is almost a 20 hour drive!

Flights to Mt Isa from Brisbane can be expensive. The average cost of Mt Isa flights from Brisbane is $380.

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