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43 Fun Things to do in Caloundra Queensland

43 Fun Things to do in Caloundra Queensland

Looking for things to do in Caloundra? Whether you are on a romantic getaway to the Sunshine Coast, its a rainy day or you have brought your kids, you will find a fun Caloundra activity in this list.

Caloundra is no doubt one of the best places to visit in Queensland and one of the best weekend getaways from Brisbane.

A complete guide of what to do in Caloundra right here:

Things to do in Caloundra Queensland

Kings Beach

Kings Beach is a popular destination for visitors and locals. A good-sized beach located on Queensland Australia’s Sunshine Coast; this Caloundra beach has a lot to offer.

An oceanfront swimming pool is a favorite for anyone who wants good vibes without the harsh waves or sand. A fountain for the kids, rock pools, and nearby restaurants make this a fantastic location for anyone in Caloundra.


Caloundra Street Fair

Do you love farmers’ markets? The Caloundra Street Fair may be the best way to start your Sunday in Caloundra. From 8 AM to 1 PM every Sunday this is more than just a farmer’s market, the Caloundra Street Fair gives a genuine experience of fresh local food, craft goods, entertainment, and art.

If you’re staying in an Airbnb or planning to cook at home throughout your stay, picking up some fresh ingredients is highly recommended.

The Caloundra Twilight Markets

If you’re in Caloundra on the last Friday of any month besides July and August, you need to check out the Caloundra Twilight Markets. A great place to stop by before or after dinner this market is open from 5 PM to 9 PM and is full of artisanal stalls and is set on the gorgeous Bulcock Beach Esplanade.

One of the best Caloundra attractions.

Caloundra Coastal Walk from Golden Beach

If you’re looking for a beautiful scenic walk Caloundra has an abundance of natural splendor. The Caloundra Coastal Walk from Golden Beach is a notable beachfront trail that’s wonderful for a morning walk or runs.

Start at Golden Beach, head north and you’ll find calm waters and the Pumicestone Passage, continue on and enjoy the view!


Caloundra Jet Ski around Pumicestone Passage

Do you love water activities? Are you an adventure seeker? Caloundra Jet Ski allows anyone with these passions some of the highest quality tours of wildlife and nature.

Tours ranging from 45 minutes to 4 hours Caloundra Jet Ski has everything you need to get an in-depth understanding of the sunshine coast and have fun doing it.

Currimundi Lake trails

An easy and fun walk for anyone, the Currimundi Lake trails is a roughly 4km circuit with a little terrain change throughout.

Walk along the coast, over the lake on a pedestrian bridge, some beach, and coastal bushlands. If you’re just looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the region or looking for a great place to get some exercise, be sure to check out Currimundi Lake trails.

Bulcock Beach

If you’re like me, a day at the beach may be all you’re looking for. Bulcock Beach is another local and tourist favorite.

This beach is a great place to see friends and is extremely child friendly, the low tide usually creates small pools, perfect for young children to enjoy. Soak up the sun and walk nearby to a restaurant or cafe to take a break from the sand.

Explore the murals around Caloundra 

Art allows us to put life into perspective, the murals around Caloundra are a perfect way to see the town and do just that. The Laneway Mural Trail encompasses roughly 13 beautiful murals spotted around downtown Caloundra.

When arriving in Caloundra, it could be fun to plan your day around seeing these murals, enjoy a drink and get some food and explore the town while you’re at it!

Sugar Bag Road Bike Trail

Are long walks on the beach not your thing? I know for some of you, biking is the best way to break a sweat.

The Sugar Bag Road Bike trail consists of 19 trails many of which include bridges, ramps, jumps, see saws, and other technical loops. Hit Bikes is a local shop nearby that can help with gear and equipment needs.

Moffat Beach

Moffat Beach is a smaller beach with a wonderful lawned sitting area behind. Considered to be a wonderful swimming beach and has some of the best surfing in the area with a famous point break, allowing surfers reliable wave conditions. This beach offers paralleled beauty to other beaches in the region and hosts an oceanfront playground for kids.

Moffat Beach Brewing Co 

If the beach and beers sound like a slice of heaven, Moffat Beach Brewing Co is the place to be. This local craft brewery serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has roughly six beers on tap at a time. Moffat Beach Brewing Co is just a couple of minutes’ walk to the beach and has a solid selection of different beer styles for everyone.

Currimundi Lake Twilight Markets 

The Caloundra region boasts a multitude of family-friendly activities on a monthly basis. Like other markets in the region, the Currimundi Lake Twilight Markets host a wide variety of activities and are held every third Friday of the month.

Food, drinks, and other vendor stalls line the Currimundi lake shore providing a wonderful atmosphere with great amenities, fun, and entertainment.

Bill’s Boat Hire

Bill’s Boat Hire is a wonderful way to explore the waters around Caloundra and make a day out of the experience. All you need to cruise in your own boat is a photo ID and a mobile phone. Bill’s Boat Hire has multiple different boating experiences, often with 4-hour or 8-hour rental periods. Bill’s Boat Hire makes enjoying the water easy and fun.

Have a BBQ at Diamond Head

If you’re looking for a relaxed day to take it slow and enjoy nature a Barbeque at Diamond Head might just help you slow down from the fun and excitement of Caloundra.

Sometimes a classic Barbeque is all the fun we need, offering covered cook stations, picnic tables, and beautiful views, just bring supplies and friends for a great time at Diamond Head.

Roller drome Skating

The Rollerdrome Family Skate Center in Caloundra is a fun place to take the family after a day at the beach. If you’ve never skated you can take lessons here, host parties, and select specific session times to skate.

The Rollerdrome Family Skate Center is the perfect place for kids looking for something beyond the relaxing beach day. A fun activity to do in Caloundra with kids.

Caloundra cinemas

Big Screen Cinemas in Caloundra is a long-running theatre in the heart of downtown Caloundra, near Bulcock Beach. Get immersed in the latest films and take the kids for the best of what Caloundra has to offer. Many consider the concessions to be high quality and well-priced, especially in relation to general movie theatre snack pricing.

Queensland Air Museum

The Queensland Air Museum gives a strong representation of Australian aviation history. Located just west of downtown Caloundra this is a must-see for anyone who’s interested in Australian history.

The Queensland Air Museum has been volunteer-run for nearly 45 years and boasts an impressive 94 historically significant aircraft which have been restored for public viewing.

Dicky Beach

Dicky Beach is a beach and suburb north of the town of Caloundra. Dicky Beach has an interesting history to its name, in 1893 a cyclone washed up the iron steamship SS Dicky onto the shore. Unable to relaunch the ship local dances were hosted until an accident caught the ship on fire. Dicky Beach represents some of the most pristine beach lines on the Sunshine Coast.

Check out the views from the Caloundra Lighthouse

The Caloundra Lighthouse is open every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month between 9 AM- 3 PM. The structure is from 1896 and provides good fun for the family at a fair price of $5.00 for adult entry and free children entry.

This is a good spot to get a birds-eye understanding of Caloundra, and there’s a good amount of history tied to this lighthouse, so a tour could help enrich your experience in Caloundra.

Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is another wonderful stop on a tour of the beaches of Caloundra. Known for some more well-defined rock pools Shelly Beach can host different experiences based on the terrain.

Like other beaches in the region, Shelly Beach is a suburb and a beach in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Throw the frisbee or have a picnic, Shelly beach is a great place to enjoy yourself.

Explore and shop downtown Caloundra

Downtown Caloundra is lively and full of activity for anyone and everyone! Bars, Restaurants, and shops line the streets and the beach is always just a couple of minutes’ walk away.

If you love the vibe of a beach town then you’ll love Caloundra. Get lost exploring downtown, have a drink, head to the beach and get some lunch, this is the way I like to start my day.

Ben Bennett Botanic Park 

The natural beauty of Caloundra is really what sets it apart from many other regions. The Ben Bennett Botanic Park puts this idea into focus with over 30 acres of beautiful native flora.

If you’re interested in the botanical differences in this region or just want to feel the calming embrace of nature, this Botanic park is for you.

Learn to surf at Caloundra Surf School

Shoots! Knar Shred! That’s what you’ll be saying after you’re finished at the Caloundra Surf School. The coaches at this school are friendly and knowledgeable and the school provides all the equipment needed for the lesson.

This school is fun for anyone wanting to surf, and the instructors reiterate the importance of learning the proper techniques early.

Escape Room Oz

Do you like solving puzzles? Escape rooms are a somewhat new experience often considered to be life-sized interactive puzzles, revolving around using teamwork to escape from a room.

In the heart of downtown Caloundra use your problem-solving skills with the choice of three puzzle rooms, “Room 666”,  “Outback Hell”, and “Time Travelers Room”.

One of the best things to do in Caloundra when its raining.

Kings Beach Ocean Pool

The Kings Beach beachfront saltwater pool is the perfect place for those who want a relaxing beach experience without the headache of trying to traverse the waves.

Considered to be one of the only sea pools on the Sunshine Coast, this is a kid-friendly 25-meter lap pool that’s open to the public, includes showers, and has a coffee shop right outside.

SUP Currimundi Lake, Pumicestone Passage or Tooway Creek 

SUP or Stand Up Paddleboarding has gained serious momentum in the last 10 years and is beginner-friendly and has a deep skill cap for enthusiasts and surfers.

Currimundi Lake offers some of the best beginner conditions for SUP, and we recommend using Kitethrills to source equipment and instruction. Other good spots for SUP in the area include Pumicestone Passage and Tooway Creek.

Currumundi Lake 

Like other areas of Caloundra, Currumundi Lake offers a breathtaking slice of nature. Located north of the town of Caloundra Currumundi Lake provides some of the most ideal conditions for water sports and its northern region is protected from development, leaving the region in its natural state.

Currumundi Lake is a wonderful area to enjoy nature, have a picnic, or get in the water and have some fun!

Hike the 3km trail to the peak of Mt Ngungun in the Glass House Mountains.

Hiking regional trails can be one of the best ways to see the identity of a region. Mount Ngungun in the Glass House Mountains offers this identity with some of the most beautiful views in all of Caloundra.

Beginning in an open forest this 2.8-kilometer hike will take roughly two hours. This hike requires a moderate fitness level, be sure to bring protective clothing, wear sunscreen, and have supportive boots, preferably hiking boots.

Caloundra Big Kart Go Karting 

Adrenaline Junkies and adventure seekers, Big Kart Go Karting is the place to be! Start out on the international standard track with up to 49 other go-karts and push the little 4 stroke Subaru motor around a 1.2-kilometer track.

Big Kart Go Karting is wonderful fun, check their site for precise hours and ticket pricing, we find the value to be good and the pricing is fair for the time allotted and quality of the experience.

Things to do near Caloundra Queensland

Aussie World (Nearby) 

Theme parks are some of the most fun places you can spend a day at. The Aussie World theme park in Palm View is no exception. Just a short drive inland from Caloundra, Aussie World, located in Palm View is one of the premier theme parks in all of Australia.

One of the best places to take children in the region, Aussie World provides thrilling excitement and gripping attractions for all ages. One of the best things to do around Caloundra.

Sea Life Mooloolaba

Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium in Mooloolaba may be a bit of a drive out of Caloundra, but it’s worth every kilometer! Hosting a jaw-dropping variety of fresh and saltwater animals Sea Life is one of the most beautiful and high-quality aquatic parks in the world.

Educational and entertaining events keep every age group satisfied with the beauty and spectacle of Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium.

Big Pineapple (Nearby)

The Big Pineapple is an Australian tourism icon, historically this 16-meter-tall fiberglass pineapple structure drew over a million visits annually.

The Big Pineapple hosts a train, visitor center, a zoo along with a zipline and high ropes. Currently, the Big Pineapple is undergoing a transformation to revamp facilities and improve upon the current amenities that they offer. The Big Pineapple is a roughly 40 minutes’ drive from Caloundra.

Australia Zoo (Nearby)

The diversity of Australia is one of its most remarkable features. The Australia Zoo is likely the best representation of this incredible diversity. The Australia Zoo is about a 25-minute drive from Caloundra and is an incredible experience for all ages.

It should be noted that the Australia Zoo is devoted to conservation, every dollar you spend is put toward conservation efforts for animals.

The Ginger Factory (Nearby)

During the holidays, are gingerbread cookies your favorite food? Is building a gingerbread house what you most look forward to? Then the Ginger Factory is likely the place for you.

Only 60 minutes north of Brisbane and about 40 minutes north of Caloundra, the Ginger Factory is a favorite among tourists. The Ginger Factory encompasses bees, fresh honey, exciting train tours, and cafes all set in a beautiful tropical garden setting.

Eumundi Markets (Nearby)

The Original Eumundi Markets, open every Wednesday and Saturday from 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM, are considered to carry some of the most authentic crafts along the Golden Coast.

Known for their handmade artisanal products this market represents the true soul of the Golden Coast. Although this market is about an hour’s drive north of Caloundra the experience is one of a kind.

Where to eat and drink?

Sandbar Café and Kiosk for fish and chips

In the heart of downtown Caloundra, just minutes from the beach is the Sandbar Cafe Caloundra. Known for their fish and chips the sandbar cafe is a favorite place to go after a day at the beach.

Sandbar Cafe Caloundra is considered to have very good value for the quality of seafood and burgers available and their to-go food is great for a busy day.

Stormie D’s Cupcakery

If you’ve got a sweet tooth or just love the look of a mini cake, then Stormie D’s Cupcakery might be the spot for you. Located on the west end of downtown Caloundra some may consider these cupcakes to be the best in all of Australia.

The energy here is unique and most give this small cupcakery rave reviews for good reason.


The Pocket Espresso 

Next door to the Moffat Beach Brewing Co is one of the cutest cafes in Caloundra. The Pocket Espresso is a small cafe near Moffat Beach that has coffee and some food products.

This cafe is a great place to start the morning with a strong espresso or coffee drink and make your way to the beach or other activity in town. If you’re into the cafe scene I would recommend this place.

Drift Bar 

If you’re looking for a bar in downtown Caloundra Drift Bar may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Featuring arguably some of the best views of the water in all of Caloundra this bar hosts a solid selection of draft beer and other drinks along with live music. The food is pretty good and fairly priced, the showstopper is the gorgeous view and ambiance.

Spinners Bar and Bowl 

Bowling and drinking go hand in hand, at least I think so. If you’re in Caloundra and agree with me, Spinners Bar and Bowl is a must, maybe after a day at the beach.

Spinners Bar and Bowl has something for everyone, is great fun for the whole family, and allows for some fun competitive spirit.

Malarkey Artisan Coffee 

Many may consider Malarkey Artisan Coffee to have the best coffee in Caloundra. What’s for sure about this coffee shop is the ambiance is one of a kind.

A semi-shaded courtyard filled with natural vegetation, crawling vines and small seating areas surround the small barista bar. Malarkey Artisan Coffee is a peaceful and high-quality place to get some coffee.

One Block Back

Referred to as a hidden gem by many One Block Back is a somewhat fitting name for this funky cafe in Caloundra. One Block Back seems to have gathered a reputation for its high-quality brunch and coffee. Although this cafe may be a bit off the beaten path it’s well worth the adventure, it may be One Block Back but’s top tier for most.

Gelateria Milano 

The best cure for a hot day on the beach, besides swimming in the water, is a frozen treat. Gelateria Milano has the cure for you, and me. The ice cream here is extremely good, likely the best in Caloundra and the friendly staff make this place an easy decision. Stop by after a long day in the sun, you won’t regret it.

Tides Waterfront Dining 

The location of Tides Waterfront Dining is outstanding. Right on the water, you can almost feel the tides pulling you out.

This restaurant in downtown Caloundra is known for its local seafood, often sourced fresh daily. This restaurant has some of the best seafood in Caloundra, keep in mind that the portions can be on the smaller side, so double-check with your server.


Hello Harry Burger 

Glitter, glamor, and fancy seafood restaurants may be on your list, but if you are anything like me a solid burger for lunch is the path to true happiness. Hello Harry Burger is this path I’m talking about.

Located in downtown Caloundra Hello Harry Burger makes a high-quality burger at a reasonable price. Hello Harry Burger likely has a burger for everyone.

Caloundra Seafood Market

One of the benefits of living in a coastal region is access to fresh seafood. Caloundra knows this all too well, and the Caloundra Seafood Market is your one-stop-shop for fresh seafood.

If you’re able to cook at home, pick up some fresh seafood and cook it up in the comfort of your own place. There’s also a restaurant in the market that makes some of the best seafood in town for a great price.


Places to Stay?

Waterview Resort 

The Waterview Resort is located near Bulcock Beach in the heart of downtown Caloundra. Featuring water views with air conditioning in every unit the Waterview Resort hosts apartment-style living with resort amenities.

This resort is just a few minutes’ walk from everything in Caloundra and provides flexible opportunities for visitors who want to experience everything Caloundra has to offer.


Portobello by the Sea 

Portobello by the Sea is just off Dicky Beach, down the beach from the North Caloundra Surf Club. This apartment-style resort has a lot to offer for its guests.

The heated outdoor pool is good fun for everyone and has shallow regions for children. All the units are air-conditioned, and Portobello by the Sea is closed to everything in Downtown Caloundra.

Ramada Resort Golden Beach 

Ramada Resort by Wyndham Golden Beach is a bit further south from downtown Caloundra, but the experience may be worth the distance. Ramada Resort by Wyndham Golden Beach is a four-star resort that offers a more traditional resort-style ambiance for guests.

Beautiful heated pool, spa, tennis court and other amenities top off the incredible ocean views.

Pumicestone Blue Resort 

The Pumicestone Blue Resort includes a lavish full-size suite restroom, kitchen, and living room. A favorite of guests includes a rooftop terrace with barbeque and incredible views.

This resort offers a heated swimming pool, spa, and fitness centers for guests to enjoy. If you’re looking for a place to stay near Pumicestone Passage, this resort may be the place for you.

Breakfree Grand Pacific 

Roughly 150 feet away from Bulcock beach is BreakFree Grand Pacific. BreakFree Grand Pacific is near downtown Caloundra and some of the most popular places around town.

There is a fairly wide range of apartments with different amenities, be sure to do some research ahead of time. Each apartment does include an outdoor balcony and a small kitchen and the resort includes a heated pool.


Rolling Surf Resort 

The Rolling Surf Resort is right on Kings Beach and this resort is in the center of all the action in Caloundra. The Rolling Surf Resort is a roughly 5-minute walk to the best bars, cafes, and restaurants in Caloundra.

Each apartment has a washing machine, kitchen, and seating area, many apartments contain a balcony. If you’re looking for a place to really understand Caloundra the Rolling Surf Resort may be the best bet for you.


Norfolks on Moffat Beach 

Norfolk on Moffat Beach is a slightly sleepier resort just a 5-minute drive from downtown Caloundra. This resort has a heated pool and sauna and is just 150 feet from Moffat Beach.

The Moffatt Beach Brewing Co is nearby if you’re into the craft beer scene. Each unit is like an apartment with a balcony and includes a refrigerator and oven if you plan to stay in and cook.


Dicky Beach Caravan Park

The Dick Beach Holiday Park is a good option for those looking to explore the Golden Coast in a camper or caravan.

The Dicky Beach Holiday Park is close to the beach, which allows travelers good access to beach fun at an affordable price. Caloundra is filled with interesting and fun activities, and Dicky Beach Holiday Park allows for quick and efficient access to all this town has to offer.

How to Get There?

Caloundra is a relatively central location to other regions on the Golden Coast. If visiting internationally, traveling from Brisbane is likely the best option for you. Caloundra is also very close to the Sunshine Coast hinterland including picturesque towns uch as Maleny and Montville.

After arriving in Brisbane, you can rent a car or get driven to Caloundra. The drive will be roughly an hour and fifteen minutes north on Bruce Highway, at Beerwah exit on to Caloundra.

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